Friday, March 24, 2023

Thurrock Labour “unsurprised” at humiliating Budget U-turn

Thurrock Labour “unsurprised” at humiliating Budget U-turn

THURROCK Labour has reacted to the news that the Chancellor Philip Hammond has been forced into a U-turn on his plans to raise national insurance contributions.

Councillor Oliver Gerrish joined Labour’s campaign event against the Conservative Budget at the weekend. Speaking on Wednesday after the announcement of the U-turn, he said “I don’t think this comes as a huge surprise to those of us that were out talking to residents at the weekend. There was a lot of anger that the Tories are so happy to break their manifesto commitments on tax and the pressure was clearly building against these plans.”

He continued “It’s a humiliation for the Government to be forced into retreat on a key element of their Budget after only a few days. It really does call into question their judgement and economic competence. This is no way to run the Country’s economy.

“Locally, we see a similar issue – a new Tory Tax on pensioners in sheltered housing that will see them paying up to £780 per year. We hope that local Tories will follow the Chancellor’s example and make a U-turn on these damaging plans.”


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