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UKIP councillor spearheads petition to stem flow of disorder in Corringham

WE haver spoken to UKIP deputy leader Roy Jones to assess how bad anti-social behaviour is in Corringham and Stanford-le-Hope and what he has tried to do about it.

Cllr Jones said: “Crime and ASB has increased in Corringham and Stanford-Le-Hope. Last summer was horrendous for many traders in Corringham Town Centre with ASB. It is affecting trade in Stanford and Corringham shopping centres.

“Residents feel unsafe at certain times of the day on the streets. We have quad bikes and other unruly behaviour all around the area. Gangs of youths are walking into shops threatening the shoppers and staff then just take whatever they want off the shelves and leave.

House crime and attempted break ins are a major concern along with car theft, cycles stolen and gardens sheds and garages being broken into, drug dealing is common on the streets. Just today for example we hear of six unruly youths beating up one child in Hardie Park. Residents and traders openly admit to not bothering with the police number 101 anymore because of the length of time it takes to get through. When these unruly youths are confronted and told that police are on the way, they just laugh because if they do turn up it will ages before the police arrive.

I have been requesting a police presence in the area for a long time. I fully accept that funds are limited and we will never have a police station but it doesn’t make sense that police cars are travelling to and through from Grays police station on a regularly basis as to deal with these issues. My belief is prevention is better than cure.

I’m not requesting a police station but a permanent police presence in the area utilising a shared services facility so as the police are on hand as to show support for the community of East Thurrock.

I, along with a couple of residents will be handing in a petition to the PCC Roger Hirst when he pays a visit to address councillors on the 6th April. Around 2,300 residents have signed the petition to date.

The petition reads as below.

We call on Essex Police via Roger Hirst to supply a permanent police presence utilising a shared services facility to cover East Thurrock due to the rising Crime Rate and ASB in the area.

This service to cover Corringham, Fobbing, Horndon-On-The-Hill and Stanford-Le-Hope.

I personally would like to thank all the shops, residents and all involved in running this petition.

Kind regards

Cllr Roy Jones. Cllr For Stanford East and Corringham Town Centre.


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