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Park set to be named after King George V1

A park in Thurrock is to be named after King George VI after a motion from Deputy Leader, Cllr Shane Hebb was passed at Full Council last week (Wednesday 29 March).

Cllr Hebb explained the motion: “Thurrock Council resolves to thank HM The Queen, for her selflessness and grace as monarch of the United Kingdom for 65 years, and it thanks her for her years of dedicated public service and advocacy of our great nation.

“In the spirit in which HM The Queen has herself taken with the Sapphire Jubilee, this council also seeks to recognise the memory of our former monarch George VI, for his unwavering patriotism during our nation’s darkest hours. This council therefore resolves to rename a suitable park within the borough to be identified after public consultation – to the George VI Memorial Park in honour of the former King and his years of service to our country”.

Parties from across the room agreed with the idea of consulting on a name change to a local park, but also agreed that there should be no name change unless the community was in agreement.

George VI reigned between 11 December 1936 until his death on 6 February 1952 after which his eldest daughter, Elizabeth II, succeeded him.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Hebb said: “It was a typically British thing that today, the day that Article 50 was delivered, Thurrock took its own small steps to pay homage to Britain’s last King, George VI, whose reign saw our country through the second world war and witnessed the Commonwealth of Nations accelerate and prosper.

“Whether a new park, or an existing park, I’m incredibly proud that Thurrock is taking steps to pay respects to our great Royal Family. He sacrificed his own health to put our country first; it is time Thurrock paid back with a small and simple gesture of appreciation for everything he did during Britain’s darkest hours.”


  1. I have a question; I’m writing a book about a WW2 airport next to the farm I grew up on in Saskatchewan. I need an image of King George V1 for the book. Are your images free to use personally and commercially or is there a fee?


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