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Blogspot: Election called by Theresa May and Brexit is a scapegoat

Brexit is a scapegoat
By Scott Nelson

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THERESA May has called for a snap general election on 8 June and is using Brexit and opposition parties as a smokescreen. Her sole purpose for a snap election is to increase her mandate so she can crush opposition parties and plough ahead with her tough Tory policies that will drag Britain to the far-right.

Since 2010, ordinary people across Britain have been hit with Tory austerity. The gap between rich and poor is at its widest ever. So is inequality including the North-South divide. And Tory austerity is causing hardship, homelessness, inequality and deaths, while public services like the NHS and the Emergency Services struggle to cope because of Tory cuts.

Child poverty has reached record levels, yet the Tories have cut Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit which will only exacerbate it. Women have been hit the hardest with austerity and can now only receive financial support for a third or subsequent child if the child wete conceived by rape – and they have to relive the horror and humiliation by completeing a 12-page form just to receive extra Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit. This is known as the Tories’ ‘rape clause’.

Disabled people are being forced off disability benefits while many others have had their benefits cut and mobility vehicles revoked. Carers have also been affected. The Tories’ treatment of carers, the sick, the disabled and mental health sufferes is appalling which has led to intervention from the United Nations. The Tories are abusing the human rights and dignity of the disabled and mentally ill, while support services have been cut and which is leading to suicides.

The Tories have failed to clear the deficit and have increased borrowing which has exceeded £1.5trillion – that’s more money borrowed than every Labour Chancellor combined. And only last month they delivered a Budget which was partly defeated by a humiliating u-turn on tax rises for self-employed workers – despite the Tories pledging in 2015 that they would not increase taxes.

The NHS is being dismantled. Waiting times are up. Cancellations are up. Bed shortages are up. A&Es and major hospitals are being closed. And NHS staff are leaving the profession because they cannot cope with the pressure and patient demand. Social care has also been cut resulting in district nurses spending less time with elderly and vulnerable patients. Then we have GP surgeries that are making patients wait weeks for appointments.

Crime is up, particularly knife and sex offences. Antisocial behaviour is also a big problem across Britain because police numbers have been cut which is affecting response times and the number of incidents local forces can attend.

The Tories have cut school funding yet have blown £138.5million on 62 free schools that have either closed or did not open to begin with. Meanwhile, funding has been cut for state schools while Theresa May pumps money into her grammar schools programme which will cause division between affluent pupils and those from poorer backgrounds.

The Tories have created a lost generation. Young people from poorer backgrounds are leaving school with no aspiration. Careers offices have been closed. Financial support for college students from poorer backgrounds has been axed. Tuition fees have been increased and are about to be hiked again. Young people from poorer backgrounds are being forced into low paid and zero hours contracts. Britain’s young people deserve a better start in life.

Immigration is still a problem. Despite Britain voting Brexit because we want to take back control of our borders and immigration numbers, Theresa May now says that the EU’s freedom of movement will continue afrter Brexit.

Since becoming Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has forced the Tories into 30 u-turns, yet in her snap election speech Theresa May complained about Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP. She also complained about unelected members of the House of Lords. The reason? Because the opposition parties have more clout than Theresa May desires and her main objective is to crush the opposition parties so she can plough ahead with her divisive and toxic policies that will only benefit the rich while the rest of us bear the brunt.

It was announced at the weekend that Tesco will receive a tax cut of £105m while smaller companies are being hit with tax rises, yet Theresa May claims that the Tories are a party of fairness and are in the national. If that were true then why have the Tories imposed austerity on Britain’s poorest and most vulnerable in society? Why do they continue to hack away at Britain’s vital public services? Why do they feel it is acceptable to cut public sector staffing, close offices, increase workloads and impose a paltry 1% pay rise? And if angry public sector workers speak out they are threatened and punished.

Britain deserves better. Children did not cause the global economic crash in 2008. Neither did the NHS. Neither did the police. Neither did teachers. Neither did the disabled and their carers. And neither did ethnic minorities or immigration. But we have all been held accountable on the part of Tory austerity.

In Thurrock, our incumbent Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price was re-elected in 2015 with a mandate that included protection of our greenbelt, local houses for local people but most importantly, she would fight to stop the Lower Thames Crossing coming through Thurrock. She has broken those three promises and betrayed the people of Thurrock and they will never forgive her. She will not be re-elected.

Labour must fight against the Lower Thames Crossing. For far too long Thurrock has been the dumping ground of Essex and London. Enough is enough. Labour now has the opportunity to win Thurrock back and truly represent the community. And I believe it will.

There is an alternative to Theresa May’s ideology of a far-right and unequal Britain: Jeremy Corbyn and Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn has recently announced a wave of new policies that will transform Britain. Free school meals for every primary school pupil. Large companies like Tesco and Amazon being made to publish their tax returns. An increase in the amount of Carer’s Allowance being paid to Britain’s hardworking carers. And a £10-an-hour Living Wage by 2020.

Jeremy Corbyn is under constant attack because he is a threat to the Establishment, his social reforms will give the people of Britain more power including the renationalisation of the railways and bus companies. Labour will reach out to every community and deliver a Brexit and policies that will benefit everyone and not just a few. Labour will end inequality and the social injustice and hardship that is affecting millions of people across the country. Labour is also committed to investing in our public services including schools, the Emergency Services and the NHS plus more mental health services to ensure mental health sufferers are given the support they need. Labour will also invest in housebuilding in communities where homelessness, overcrowding and waiting lists have got out of control.

People have a choice on 8 May: Social reform under Jeremy Corbyn or social division under Theresa May. Here is your chance to vote for a politician who will bring down the Establishment and hand power back to the people; a politician who will put the Great back into Britain and a politician who has the same ideologies as the late Clement Attlee.

That politician is Jeremy Corbyn.


  1. rocket1 – No, the Blairite movement within the PLP will bring disaster upon Labour. Corbyn has tried everything to unite the party but the Blairites don’t want to listen. The reason? Who knows? But it could be because if Corbyn became PM, he would have the power to hold all those in the Labour Party who voted for the illegal war in Iraq to account and possibly even call for the prosecution of Tony Blair for war crimes.

    The Blairites among the PLP are hypocrites as they have refused to give Corbyn a chance to lead a united party, a chance they were only too happy to give Brown and Miliband and look where that got them.

  2. valen(myles) cook-i doubt very much that many people will be worrying about Jeremy Corbyn becoming P.M..

  3. rocket1 – I agree with you. Corbyn will probably never become PM but it won’t be because he wouldn’t make a good one, it’s because his party is too divided by internal enemies.

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