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Thurrock UKIP News Round-Up: Flags, foreign aid and “Burqa ban”


WE thought we would give you a round-up on the news items released by Thurrock Ukip over the past few days. Just to re-cap, Ukip MEP and Aveley councillor Tim Aker has put his name forward to be the prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock.

1. Flags

Tim Aker: Well Done To North Stifford For Flying The Flag

“It’s great to see the flags up in North Stifford. I hope they stay. It’s a shame the Conservative Council acted so unpatriotically when they tore the flags down across the borough. The people wanted them to stay up.

“We were hoping to put up St George’s Flags across the borough as we have done in the past but the treatment we have received from the Council made it near on impossible. This will change when we are in charge.”

2. Foreign Aid

The Tories have announced they will increase the foreign aid budget yet again with their pledge to spend 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid while UKIP have repeated their calls that charity should begin at home.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: “Charity begins at home. As your MP I will fight to reduce our bloated foreign aid bill to spend our money here. Last night, thousands of ex-servicemen slept rough. Why aren’t they housed with our aid bill? The Conservatives’ priorities are all wrong. It might help with their consciences, but when our residents are losing out we should be doing all we can to improve the lot of our community. It is only thing to support emergency disaster relief, it is another to spend upwards of £13billion a year on foreign aid.”

3.. Ban the Burqa

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall was interviewed on the Andrew Marr Show. He set out a new manifesto commitment to ban the face veils worn by some Muslim women, such as the burqa and niqab.

We asked Tim Aker’s office for a response as some UKIP candidates have agreed with the policy and some disagreed (Ian MacKie, Isle of Wight).

They have yet to respond. And no, we have not sought a response from the Thurrock Beekeepers Association.


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