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Labour Party select former Thurrock Council leader John Kent as candidate for General Election

John Kent and Dartford Crossing

THE Labour Party has selected lifelong Thurrock resident and former leader of the local council John Kent as their candidate for Thurrock in the forthcoming general election.

With over two decades’ experience of proudly serving Thurrock’s residents as a Councillor and a strong record of delivery for the local area, Thurrock Labour are confident that they have a winning candidate.

Labour are emphasising the sharp contrast between Jackie Doyle-Price who moved to Thurrock for a political career with John Kent who is seeking to represent the community he grew up in.

Speaking as the announcement was made, John Kent said “I am delighted to have been selected to be Thurrock’s Labour Party candidate in next month’s general election.

I am a Thurrock man with Thurrock values, I grew up in Thurrock and went to Thurrock schools – as did my children.

We need a Member of Parliament prepared to stand up for Thurrock and I relish the chance to put Labour’s case for a better Thurrock.

We have a crisis in G.P. recruitment and retention, with 37 too few G.P.s, in Thurrock, and yet we have heard nothing from our Conservative M.P.

Thurrock schools are set to lose £11 million of funding over the next three years, but again we have had nothing but silence from our Conservative M.P. on this.

And then we have the decision to build the new Thames crossing through Thurrock – dividing our community and bringing more traffic, more fumes and more pollution.

In 2015 our Conservative M.P. boasted she had “stopped the crossing” and now she says “my residents, to a man, wanted this.”

It is clear that Jackie Doyle-Price has completely failed to stand up for Thurrock. We need a Member of Parliament who will always put Thurrock first and I look forward to the opportunity to serve the community I live in.”

John’s 5 Key Pledges for Thurrock are:

Fighting the disastrous second Thames crossing proposals in Parliament

Standing up for the vital NHS services that residents rely on across Thurrock

Protecting our children’s education from the Tories £11 million cuts to Thurrock schools

Tackle the housing crisis by working to deliver affordable homes for Thurrock residents

Deliver jobs and opportunities for local people



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