Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thurrock Labour ask” “Will the real Jackie Doyle-Price please stand up?”

Dartford Crossing Options

THURROCK Labour have dismissed Jackie Doyle-Price’s meeting with Theresa May as ‘pure political panic’.

Thurrock Labour Vice Chair Lee Watson said “Thurrock’s current MP, Tory Jackie Doyle-Price, claimed she has had an ‘urgent meeting’ with the Prime Minister about the Thurrock crossing. It’s funny how this only became an urgent issue for her after the election was announced!”

“Ms Doyle-Price, last heard assuring BBC Radio Essex that Thurrock people ‘supported the plans to a man,’ appears to have had a rapid of mind and is now talking about ‘real opposition’. Anyone would think there’s an election round the corner.

“If this all seems familiar to Thurrock residents, it may be because her election material last time featured a claim that she had ‘stopped new crossing,’ followed by no real support or action on the issue once she had been elected.”

Mrs Watson concluded “Thurrock residents weren’t born yesterday. Jackie Doyle-Price has never lifted a finger to question this Tory policy. Her desperate attempts to jump the bandwagon at the last moment, claiming other people’s successes as her own, can only leave a sour taste in the mouth.

“Seasoned campaigners against a second Thames crossing like George Abbott and John Kent may well wonder where she was when it mattered.”



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