The Great Google Expedition at Gateway Learning Community


PRIMARY pupils across the Gateway Learning Community were taken on a virtual reality expedition, courtesy of ‘Google Expeditions’.

The pupils (and staff) were each given a headset or magic window, suited to each particular year group. Year 1 and Reception explored the ocean on safari, Year 2 explored the solar system, Year 3 explored volcanoes and Year 4 had a wild exploration through different habitats. Year 4 pupils from the Gateway Primary Free School and Lansdowne Primary Academy also paid a visit to the school during the event and enjoyed an exploration through Mackies Chocolate Factory.

Class Teacher, Miss Natasha Oswald, who successfully secured the Google Expeditions programme, said “We are very pleased to have been selected to take part in the Google Expeditions Pioneer Programme. This has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students to explore the world. It has made the children’s learning come to life and they’ve enjoyed every minute of it!”

More importantly, the pupils had plenty to say about their day! See below:

• Lily 4J; “It was amazing! It’s just a phone but you’re transported to another world!”
• Reece 4O; “It was fantastic because it felt like we were actually there.”
• Mya 3H; “It was amazing. We got to see lava and it felt like I was going to drop into the lava!”
• Daniella 3C; “We got VR goggles and we saw the inside of a volcano! It felt like I was really there. We even got to see
how it erupts.”
• Frankie 2J; “It was good. I liked using it. It felt like I was an astronaut in space! I’d love to use it again.”
• Fimihan 1O; “We saw some turtles, killer whales, dolphins. We had to follow the arrow to find the different animals. I
learnt about the coastal ocean. I really loved it.”

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