Thurrock UKIP claim to be only party to “reject Thames Crossing proposals”

UKIP is the only party to include a pledge in their manifesto to reject the current Thames Crossing proposals as set out by the Conservative Government earlier this year.

The UKIP manifesto due to be released on Wednesday will state: ‘UKIP opposes the proposed new Thames Crossing in Thurrock and will look to re-open a consultation for a new crossing further east. This will include the option for a crossing through Canvey Island, linking the A130 to the M2 in Kent.’

UKIP Thurrock Candidate, Cllr Tim Aker MEP said, “Now that the other party manifestos have been announced, it is clear to see that UKIP is the only political party that nationally opposes the current Conservative Thames Crossing proposals.

“If you want the current Thames Crossing proposal that will rip thought the heart of Thurrock then you have the choice of Labour, Tories or Lib Dems to vote for. Only a vote for UKIP will be a vote to reassess the current Thames Crossing proposals and put Option D back on the table.

“Thurrock needs an MP that will have their party’s support in fighting the current Thames Crossing proposals. Since Jackie Doyle-Price, John Kent and Kevin McNamara have failed to convince their party to oppose the Thames Crossing, how are they fit to fight on our behalf against the crossing. Thurrock needs a new MP, Thurrock needs a UKIP MP.”

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