Sunday, December 10, 2023

Thurrock Labour give support for Syria

Syria 1

Syria 2

THURROCK Labour Party’s Ethnic Minorities Officer and Group Observer Qaisar Abbas invited Syrian Singers to show his support for peaceful Syria. Syria’s very famous singers Mohammad Alkhbbaz and Ahmed Abo Aziz attended the event and sang their famous and traditional songs.

Mr. Ratip Al Suleiman (Director Bright Future Foundation) was also present. Mr. Al Suleiman said ” I am very thankful to the people of United Kingdom for their generosity by hosting displaced Syrian people at this very difficult time. I am hopeful that peace and prosperity will prevail in Syria.”

Mr. Qaisar Abbas said “When I see destruction in Syria, my heart weeps. This is my humble effort to show my love for Syrian people. I hope that war will come to an end and a stable government chosen by people of Syria will bring stability to this unfortunate country.”


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