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List of Thurrock roads improved over last year

Pothole Treacle

38,000 square metres of roads improved

Extensive repairs and upgrades have been completed to improve Thurrock’s roads for residents and businesses.

Between July and August, more than 38,000m2 of roads have either been resurfaced or treated to extend their life and improve skid resistance, including roads in East Tilbury, Grays, Tilbury, Stifford Clays, Corringham, Chadwell St Mary, Orsett, Bulphan, Horndon on the Hill and Linford.

Funded mainly through the council’s capital programme as well as the National Productivity Investment Fund, the works were carried out over the summer to minimise disruption to schools.

Cllr Brian Little, Portfolio Holder for Highways and Transport, said: “With phase two of the programme complete, residents right across the borough will see the improvements to their local roads.

“As well as filling potholes and repairing roads through clean it, cut it, fill it, it’s important we take preventative action to try and stop defects from occurring.

“Phase three will be beginning soon as we continue to deliver the quality roads our residents and businesses deserve.”

Portfolio Holder for Finance, Cllr Shane Hebb, added: “It is right that we are investing in our road network – for now and for the future and something we proudly have decided to embark on.

“Clean it, cut it, fill it is providing residents with much needed improvements in our strategic and residential road network.”

For more information on clean it, cut it, fill it, go to

Productivity Investment Fund

• East Tilbury Road / Muckingford Road, East Tilbury Junction 550m2

• Lodge Lane (part), Windsor Avenue Junction, Grays 300m2

• Parkside, Tilbury 980m2

• Hume Avenue, Tilbury 605m2

• Prince Phillip Avenue, Stifford Clays (Whitmore Avenue – Kingsman Drive) 1,820m2

• Gardner Avenue, Corringham (Springhouse Road – Langland Close) 1,180m2

• St Marys / St Peters Junction, Chadwell St Mary 530m2

• Dock Road, Tilbury (Calcutta Road) 324m2

Capital Works Programme 2017/18 – Carriageway Resurfacing.

• Marshfoot Road, Chadwell St Mary (St Chads Road – Roundabout) 1,445m2

• Stanford Road, Grays (East of King Edward Drive) 2,100m2

• School Lane, Orsett (Rectory Road – Rowley Road) 1,590m2

• Riverview, Chadwell St Mary (Chelmer Road – Oxford Road Avenue) 1,015m2

• Lodge Lane (Part), Windsor Avenue Junction, Grays 607m2

• Dock Road / Calcutta Road Junction, Tilbury 1,300m2

• Grove Road, Grays 2,390m2

• King Edward Drive / Woodview Junction, Grays 805m2

• Feenan Highway, Tilbury (Brennan Road – Stephenson Road) 1,740m2

Capital Works Programme – Carriageway Surface Dressing

• A128 Brentwood Road, Orsett (Keepers Cottage – Conways Road) 7,720m2

• Fen Lane, Bulphan (School – China Lane) 3,300m2

• Orsett Road, Horndon (A128 – Bend) 3,945m2

• Muckingford Road / Linford Road, Linford (Atherton Gardens – Blue Anchor Lane) 4,430m2


  1. 38,000m2 equates (at a lane width of 3.65m) to approximately one lane10.41km of resurfacing (3.25 miles full width resurfacing) based on average lane width’s of 3.65m. Paints the bigger picture whereas defining by m2 not so many people will understand the equation which is 9.04% of the actual roads and pavements have been resurfaced.

    Even more information is taken from the TBC website:

    We are responsible for 576km of roads, along with their footways, gullies, safety barriers, pedestrian guardrails, traffic signs, street nameplates, road markings and road studs.

    Nice to see outside funding was received to upgrade cycle routes and that work has started.


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