Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Labour claim Tory-run Thurrock Council continue to miss bins and waste targets

Bin Collections in Thurrock

THE latest Thurrock Council performance report has been published – and it doesn’t make positive reading for the Tory Council claims Thurrock Labour.

Among other failed targets, it was revealed that the Tory council had once again missed targets on rubbish bins being collected on time and the percentage of waste recycled.

The council’s Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee received the report at its latest meeting on Tuesday (21st November).

Labour Councillor Oliver Gerrish, chair of the committee, said “This level of failure is simply unacceptable. We have been repeatedly told that there is a plan to improve performance – but when is it actually going to achieve some results? As a councillor, I’m constantly hearing reports of bin collections being missed week after week.

“This needs to be sorted out quickly. The Tories must take this issue seriously and let us know when bin collections will be back on track.”

Also discussed at the meeting was the low rate of recycling. It was confirmed that this comes at a financial cost to the council.

Councillor Gerrish said “The Tories need to get their act together on recycling. I would like the council to consider more innovative solutions to improving the recycling rate – if this is costing us money, then we should be looking at an incentive scheme where any reduction in costs can be shared with residents. This would boost recycling rates and provide a return to the council! The council needs to get much smarter at looking for new approaches on these issues”.

Other areas of failed performance considered at the meeting were poor resident satisfaction with the housing service, slow turnaround times on empty council properties and the high percentage of social care leavers not in education, employment or training.


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