Monday, July 15, 2024

Ukip’s Tim Aker anger over Brexit negotiations

UKIP's Tim Aker


UKIP MEP and councillor for Aveley, Tim Aker has expressed his anger at the most recent round of negotiations as Britain aims to leave the European Union.

It comes as the government has offered to give the EU an “eye-watering sum” of at least €45 billion if not more.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: “Theresa May and the Conservative Party have bottled it, rather than going to the EU and talking up the UK they have been taken for a ride.

“The future of the UK was incredibly positive outside the EU but arch-remainer Theresa May has done everything in her power to ruin it.

“Theresa May should do the decent thing and resign as she clearly has no idea what she is doing. She lost the respect of her party when she lost her majority at the General Election and now she has lost the respect of everyone in the country by bowing to the EU.”


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