Saturday, July 13, 2024

UKIP’s Tim Aker warned everyone over crime on Grays High Street


IN the run up to the 2015 General Election UKIP’s Tim Aker MEP pointed out that Grays was in danger of becoming a ‘no go zone’. At the time Thurrock Labour released a statement heavily criticising him for doing so.

Cllr Tim Aker said: “It’s a shame it has taken Labour so long to wake up to what we have been saying since 2014.

“I wonder if Cllr Gerrish will now apologise on behalf of Thurrock Labour since they have admitted they were completely out of touch.

“Labour Councillors have been in place in Grays for years and yet it seems they have been asleep on the job.”


  1. I thought we had a Conservative Local council. But hey lets not attack a fellow right wing party. that may cost UKIP votes.

  2. Ed. It always amazes me people who vote UKIP Tory NuLabour or Lid Dem. they are so keen to knock the other side of the political spectrum but offer sod all in return this country is doomed.

  3. Grays and Thurrock for that matter is riddled with the drug problems we see everywhere now. Fighting in the High St is not random it is a drug gang turf war that’s going on. I have reported drug deals being done outside a major bank only to see the Police officer walk the other way.
    One is not safe at anytime in Grays.


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