Saturday, July 13, 2024

Police take action after human trafficking report

POLICE are working with partner agencies in an attempt to reunite a mother with her child after they responded to a human trafficking report in Essex.

Officers received a call for help at around 10.45pm on Saturday, December 30, from a woman who alleged that she had been held against her will.

Following enquiries, officers established that her child had been found in the south Essex and are looking to reunite them.

No arrests have been made but enquiries into the offences are continuing.

The victims are continuing to receive safeguarding from specialist officers and our partners.

Detective Inspector Mark Barber, of Essex Police’s Public Protection Investigations Hub, said: “As soon as we received the woman’s call for help, we brought her into our police station, safeguarded her and made further enquiries.

“This is a great example of how seriously we take human trafficking and the efforts we will go to, to deal with it and in cases, reunite families who have been manipulated and experience these horrendous crimes.”

For more information on how to spot the signs and how to report human trafficking and modern slavery, please call the National Modern Slavery helpline on 0800 0121 700 or visit


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