Thurrock Labour concern over huge Tory council tax hike

Labour concern over huge Tory council tax hike

THURROCK Tory councillors laughed and joked this month as they prepared to unleash one of the biggest council tax bill increases of a generation complains Thurrock Labour.

Tory Leader Rob Gledhill spoke of increased council income and the “Graph of Boom!” as his team confirmed they would press ahead with at least 5% council tax rises. It is expected that the Police precept increase will also be very large, combining to a hefty total increase – likely to be the biggest for many years.

The huge council tax hikes are expected to raise approximately £3,000,000 per year from the pockets of Thurrock residents.

Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Oliver Gerrish, Leader of Thurrock Labour Group said, “It is very disappointing that Thurrock residents are being left to foot the bill for the huge cuts in Government funding.

“Frankly it’s shameful that the Tories have put Thurrock in this position by cutting grants to the council. We await the final figures on the total increases, but it does not look like being good news for Thurrock residents. With household budgets already under strain, there is more pressure on the way. The combined council tax increases and Police precept could mean an unprecedented rise in Tory taxes this year.”

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