Thursday, July 25, 2024

Debenham staff chase suspected thieves out of Lakeside

BRAVE staff at a Lakeside store chased suspected thieves out of the shop as they made a getaway.

At 2.15pm on Thursday March 8th, two male members of staff were seen running out of the Debenhams entrance that leads to the Lakeside car park.

The individual (s) they were chasing got into a white car, that sped towards the exit of the car park.

But the two intrepid members of staff chased the car on foot and appeared to have retrieved some of the goods before the car left the car park and headed up towards the M25.

A police vehicle with its blue light on, arrived at the car park, picked up the two members of staff and sped off.

We asked the Essex Police press office for details regarding the incident but they could not find any trace on their computer.


  1. Thats typical of Essex Police. So many crimes go unreported to keep the statistics low.
    This is not the first time we have heard about the Police doing this.
    It is a seriously corrupt force..sadly.


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