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Essex Police explain why it took two hours to attend 999 report by elderly lady that men were breaking into her South Ockendon home

ESSEX Police have explained why they did not (initially) attend a 999 call from a 75-year-old woman who was concerned that men were trying to break into her house in South Ockendon.

As we reported, the elderly lady reported that she had rung Essex Police at 8pm on Saturday March 2nd after she believed two men were breaking into her Darenth Lane home.

Family members claimed it took another call from them for the police to attend. By this time it was close to 10pm.

After a few attempts, Essex Police were able to supply is with their version of events.

An Essex Police press spokesperson said: “We assessed this call, as we do with every call, to see what the most appropriate response should be based on the information given, the threat and risk of harm, as well as what other incidents are taking place across the county.

Sometimes this means making difficult decisions about what calls we’re able to send an officer to right away and which we’re not.

In this instance, as there was no suspect on scene at the time of the call, no description of a suspect, and no CCTV available, we did not dispatch an officer to the address straight away.

“Our call handler ensured the welfare of the person who made the call who said they had family nearby who they would contact.

“We had no further reports of someone trying to break into the address that evening but did receive a further call at around 9.05pm asking for police attendance and officers attended later that evening”.

This report perhaps highlights how stretched Essex Police are in Thurrock but that may not cut it with Thurrock residents receiving large increases in their council tax bills


  1. What this highlights is Essex Police are a failing force. The inept Crime commissioner raises out taxes but the service only gets worse.
    It is time they stopped pranking each other and visiting McDonalds and done some proper policing.
    Criminals know they are incompetent and that’s why we have seen a huge rise in crime in the Borough.
    We are not even safe in our homes as this demonstrates. Sadly Essex Police are losing respect and public confidence like never before.


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