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Thurrock Council not to take any action into Golliwogs at White Hart Pub in Grays

Golliwogs 2

NO action is set to be taken by Thurrock Council in light of the complaint about Golliwogs decorating the bar at the White Hart pub in Grays.

The council received a complaint in February regarding the items at the award-winning pub.

But after six weeks, it seems that the matter has been resolved

A council spokesperson said:

“Following the investigation, this issue is not a matter for the council under the Licensing Act 2003 or Public Order legislation.”

Landlord Chris Ryley has welcomed the news. He said: “I would like to thank the council for their time and the eventual realisation that we do not mean anything racial.

“I would also like to thank people, both locally, nationally and abroad, who contacted us and gave their support.”

YT understands that the golliwogs are still there at the bar and have been joined by others sent in by customers and well-wishers.


  1. I agree with Catching the Bus. Common sense has prevailed. Not even an issue really, just do gooders trying to justify there jobs.

  2. Here here, I couldn’t believe it when I read about this. The W.Hart. is owned by India Inns Group, & unsurprisingly many of the group are Indian! As well as owning the pub they also run a mobile bar service (organised by Chris) that specialises in servicing Indian Weddings. Hardly the sort of thing a racist landlord would want to get involved in is it?

  3. A big problem in today’s society is the do gooders and they are the issue, not Golliwogs. We all love a Golliwog – don’t we???
    Next it will be Barbie or Action Man in favour of Golliwogs

  4. As a child in the 50’s I had a golliwog but never thought of it as anything but a cute toy. I a from the East End of London so I knew what black people looked like but I never associated them with my beloved toy

  5. apparently the term w.o.g.s means working on governement service and is nothing to do with racism


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