Saturday, October 1, 2022

Election 2018: Thurrock Council remains hung but gains for Tories and Labour

THE THURROCK Council local election saw winners and losers on every side.
It is still a hung council with the Conservatives holding 20 seats, Labour 17 and Thurrock Independents 12.
They next meet on Wednesday May 30th.

The Conservatives increased their number of seats to 20.
They gained Stiffords Clays and Stanford East and Corringham Town
They saw the Mayor, Tunde Ojetola ousted in South Chafford.

Labour increased their number of seats to 17.
They gained Ockendon, Belhus and South Chafford.
They may be disapponted to not take Stifford Clays

The Thurrock Independents had a spectacular win with Tim Aker in Aveley
But four of their councillors lost inc. their group leader and deputy leader.
They went close on Tibury Riverside and polled enough votes to be greatly encouraged.

UKIP lost every seat they were defending.

Aveley and Uplands

Tim Aker (Thurrock Independents): 1037
Peter Curtis (Ukip): 141
David Van Day (Conservative Party: 653
Rafal Zak (Labour Party): 570

Maj: 383
Turnout: 33.62%
TI Gain


Chris Baker (Thurrock Independents): 667
Mike Fletcher (Labour Party): 828
Georgette Polley (Conservative Party): 399

Maj: 161
Turnout is 26.80%
Lab Gain

Chadwell St Mary

Paul Arnold (Conservative Party): 402
Barbara Rice (Labour Party): 1383
Paul Stevens (Thurrock Independents): 264

Maj: 981
Turnout 28.50
Lab Hold

Grays Riverside

Wendy Herd (Conservative Party): 488
Martin Kerin (Labour Party): 1063
Shane McDonagh (Thurrock Independents): 343

Maj: 575
Turnout is 24.58%
Lab Hold

Grays Thurrock

Evelina Vulpe (Conservative Party): 559
Gillian Wardrop (Thurrock Independents): 362
Lynn Worrall (Labour): 1124

Maj: 565
Turnout is 31.46%
Lab Hold

Little Thurrock Blackshots

Jacqueline Dobson (Labour Party): 471
Ben Maney (Conservative Party): 1073
Oliver Smith (Thurrock Independents): 284

Maj: 602
Turnout is 35.80%
Cons Hold

Little Thurrock Rectory

Lawson Akhigbe (Labour Party): 486
Rob Gledhill (Conservative Party): 842
Jay Hayers (Thurrock Independents): 200

Maj: 356
Turnout is 33.27%
Cons Hold


Janet Baker (Thurrock Independents): 663
Romanus Nwakuna (Conservative Party): 740
Sue Shinnick (Labour Party): 864

Maj: 124
Lab Gain


Barry Johnson (Conservative Party): 1091
James Mower (Thurrock Independents): 81
Vince Offord (Labour Party): 290
Adrian Short (Ukip): 206

Maj: 801
Turnout is 33.79%
Cons Hold

South Chafford

Abbie Akinbohun (Labour Party) 685
Tunde Ojetola (Conservative Party) 647
Torren Snell (Thurrock Independents) 105

Maj: 38
Lab Gain: 29%

Stanford East and Corringham Town

Alex Anderson (Conservative Party): 810
George Elcock (Labour Party): 636
Roy Jones (Thurrock Independents): 565
Michael Keal (Ukip): 132

Maj: 174
Turnout is 32.89%
Cons Gain

Stifford Clays

Stephen Andrews (Ukip): 195
Elizabeth Rigby (Conservative Party): 804
Graham Snell (Thurrock Independents): 177
Lee Watson (Labour): 668

Maj: 136
Turnout 36.10%
Cons Gain

The Homesteads

Gary Byrne (Thurrock Independents): 575
Daniel Chukwu (Labour Party): 532
James Halden (Conservative Party): 1233
Peter Prendegast (Ukip): 172

Maj: 658
Turnout 38.48%
Cons Hold

Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park

Allen Mayes (Thurrock Independents): 528
Bukky Okunade (Labour Party): 563
Elaine Parker (Conservative Party): 159

Maj: 35
Turnout is 27.49%
Lab Hold

Tilbury St Chads

Steve Liddiard (Labour Party): 558
Paul Martin (Thurrock Independents) 240
Steve Minett (Conservative Party) 169

Maj: 328
Turnout is 22.58%
Lab Hold

West Thurrock and South Stifford

Qaisar Abbas (Labour Party): 1058
Chris Boosey (Democrats and Veterans Party): 94
George Coxshall (Conservative Party): 505
Michael Wager (Thurrock Independents): 191

Maj: 553
Turnout 23.31%
Lab Hold


  1. I dont think any party can hold their heads high, an average of 30% turnout across the borough just shows that most people either dont care about local councils or cant trust any of the candidates.

  2. Lambo, your absolutely right, you can’t trust any of them so Britain becomes even more apathetic.
    Bring on the New World Order. It won’t be long!


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