Saturday, October 1, 2022

Gateway Primary students earn iPads for top attendance

GLC Att 2


YEAR 4 pupils from the Gateway Primary Free School were celebrating recently after winning the Spring Term attendance challenge across all four GLC primary schools, with an attendance of 97.2%, gaining themselves five brand new iPads to use in class.

Mr Dom Davison, Group Education Welfare Officer for the GLC, commented “The GLC have rewarded Class 4 Rowling from GPFS with five new iPads after winning the Attendance Challenge for Spring Term.

It was a close competition involving all 66 classes across the GLC academies. Attendance has been repeatedly linked to a pupils attainment and I would like to thank all the pupils and their parents for their commitment to education. In the Summer Term, the GLC are also awarding Lakeside vouchers so every pupil has the chance again to be in every day to win a prize.”

Head of School, Mr Dan George, said “I am extremely proud of our pupils for winning the Spring Term prize for attendance. We have consistently been top of the leaderboard across the GLC this term. Well done to our pupils and their parents for valuing attendance as much as we do!”


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