Monday, October 3, 2022

Politicians demand answers over Blackshots tyre fires

Fire 2

A NUMBER of leading politicians have demanded answers from Thurrock Council over a series of fires in Blackshots.

The skies across Blackshots, Grays and other parts of Thurrock were covered by black smoke for three days over the Bank Holiday period due to a large set of tyres set alight in a field north of Blackshots.

On the hottest day of the year, residents were forced to stay indoors and keep their windows closed as the billowing black smoke enveloped the area.

Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, cllr John Kent, has demanded answers from the council.

He said: “We are always hearing about the council collecting enough rubbish to fill Hyde Park three or four times but when an Olympic-sized swimming pool’s worth of tyres are dumped and set alight, they are absolutely silent.

“Whether it is on public or private land, they need to let residents know what they are doing.

Thurrokc Independent councillor, Luke Spillman has echoed cllr Kent’s concerns. He said: “These appalling incidents have clearly put the the health of local residents at risk. Therefore it is important that the council clarify who owns the land that these fires occurred upon and why immediate action was not taken to remove the source of the risk?

“At the last full council the Thurrock Independents proposed and successfully secured a motion to conduct a full and wide-ranging environmental review of the borough.

“Despite changes in policy, many areas in the borough increasing appear more akin to landfill sites than residential and green belt areas. Rubbish isn’t being collected, we have become a prime location for fly tipping and have truly appalling air quality.

“This is not the time for political point scoring. We need to reach a consensus on a radical new plan of action and we need to be unwavering in its implementation.”

YT contacted Thurrock Council on Tuesday afternoon with a series of questions but have yet (Thursday afternoon) to receive a reply.


  1. Is it not too late in fact 10 days too late for politicians to speak out.
    it was only a matter of time before kids set them alight.

    Is it not the Council who bought that land for £10 in 1980 when the builder of gravel dug out of the land for the A13 who was going to turn the land afterwards into a water lakes park. claimed he didnt get enough money for the gravel and walked away from the deal after he took all the gravel out ofcourse.
    common knowledge and tail
    in blackshots among older residents still alive.

  2. By the way I may have the exact year wrong but it was back then.
    The Park use to have a few old guys who use to act as waldens n the 80’s not officially. but that’s what us kids use to call them. they use to plant a number of trees over there. Most still there and tall.
    One of them was Reg who is long gone who lived down Brookmans Avenue and one guy Keith still does though he must be in his late 70’s or 80’s. now.
    The other guy the park was name after him by the council I think he died walking his dog over there and a bench was made with his name engraved on it over there. Guess what happened to the wooden bench.

    I dont think that was the only guy who died over there as another bench engraved was and that too has long gone. also torched.

  3. Just walked my old mans dog over there and 50 tyres are still all over the park if anyone at the council wants to collect them.
    Now why do I get the feeling whats going to happen to them.

    But it might be a bit of a too much effort and work for the Playstation 4 generation to round them all up.
    You’ve been pre warned Thurrock Council….

  4. Last count was five cars torched. two burnt out still over there. 3 motorbikes torched and now removed. 600 tyres (550 torched, 50 all over the place.) Waiting for the bloody fly tipper to be back with another few van loads of tyres.

  5. Funny John Kent getting all excited about these Tyres, but when he was
    leader of Thurrock Council never said a word or did anything about the state of the back alleyways in his then own Grays Ward.

  6. If I was’n’t on the dole currently. I would pay and look up on land registry which would tell me who owns it.
    Why the delay”ing around Thurrock Council. You have the deal from 1980 don’t you or has that been conveniently shredded by accident.

  7. The bottom line is the council are incompetent and can’t be bothered to clean up the borough. The best they do is tell us Grays High Street is a cleaner place(sic) because they raise revenue from fining people £150 for dropping a cigarette butt.
    John Kent was no better when in power, in fact worse.

  8. John Kent really sorted out those tyres. the last 50 the kids have collected into a pile and you know what the yobs will do. tonight or tomorrow. its only been 2 weeks since dumped.

    John Kent is a winner man he delivers. didn’t he lose an lelection to JDP once. Yeah John smell the winner you are or is it rubber I can smell.


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