Saturday, September 24, 2022

Aftermath of tyre fire in Blackshots

Blackshots Fire Vid

WE thought we would go for a little walk on Friday morning. So we headed down to Fairfield Avenue in Blackshots, cut across the fields and discovered the seat of the fire that produces clouds of black smoke across Thurrock on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

As you can see there is a large charred area. You can also see there are plenty more tyres that could be set alight. There are also two burned out cars.

What should be a Thurrock beauty spot is instead a hub for fly-tipping, crime and anti-social behaviour.

On Tuesday afternoon, we asked Thurrock Council a number of questions regarding the arson attacks and the land. We have still yet to receive a replay.


  1. You might want to do some investigative reporting over who owns the land. Why the Council is delaying and the rumour though people were at the council local meetings back in the day and the gravel taken out the land and the fact the water lakes never happened by the builder. But be legally careful the building company is still around

    keep up the good work Mr Casey.

  2. I’ve just been over there walking my old mans dog and at the enterance a woman I knew who is also walking her dog over there has said to me Ant someone has put the last tyres into a pile and you know what they will do.

    There is a pile over there now waiting to be toruched.
    Can we get a Van over there in the next 10 Mins and I will pick them up.

    You know they will be on fire either tonight or tomorrow.

    Can someone post the number I need to call?


    Has anyone got a van that they can take over there now so I can pick up the tyres and we take them to Ashley Gardnes where my fathers house is and I am so I can store them in the garage. So I can get the council to pick them up tomorrow.
    Because you know what will happen to the pile over the park by the yobs.

  4. Has anyone got Councillor Ben Maney’s phone number please? maybe he can have a word with the council about the urgency of this.

    We need to act now ourselves or Thurrock Council.
    I am serious we are going to go from 600 tyres to not one saved.

  5. I’ve just been over there for the second evening and the pile is still there.
    No offers from any Van drivers or replies across thurrock.
    I have been told that if I remove the tyres then put them in my dads garage that then the council may fine me because they are on my dads land now.

  6. Just sent an email to
    Councillor Ben Maney
    Little Thurrock Blackshots
    Maybe he can get the council over there in the next 30 mins before they are alight.


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