Saturday, September 30, 2023

A Grays car park on a Friday morning

ON Friday morning, we parked out car in the Kilverts Field car park. It wasn’t that the car park was particularly scruffy. It was just scruffy.

It just seems odd that Thurrock Council are spending a lot of council tax payers money on cleaning the borough and telling us about all the work they are doing and yet just 300 metres from their offices, this car park (where many staff park) looks like this.

There are towns which aren’t spending anywhere near what Thurrock Council are spending on cleanliness and their car parks are much much cleaner than this.

It might just be a case that you can spend all the money you like but if the team isn’t with you then….you may end up tearing your hair out. Hair pictured below…


Grays Car park


  1. Love the pics, I bet there are thousand like pics around Thurrock if the residents send them in, what grinds me are the boasts that CLEAN IT is working are total bull and the fact that TBC use a 1/3rd party to enforce littering around the borough who hover in high foot fall areas in shop doorways, yes they do venture out but not often.

    I feel the system in too aggressive, how about 2 yellow cards and then a red, not just drop a ciggie a have a big fine (providing you pick up YELLOW) then prove your identity and move on, on the third offence a RED and a fine.

    TBC boast about how much they are fining residents, when at the same time as the enforcers are dealing with a ciggie drop offence, especially in Grays often a black bag of litter has blown by.

    Easy pickings and then the financial cost andf benefits, I bet it still costs plenty to manage and enforce these actions, so the only winners are the 1/3rd party company, done in house with a softer approach I am sure Thurrock would be a cleaner place.

  2. Wakey, wakey.
    It’s not about litter, it’s about revenue in regard to the Grays litter penalty fines.

    Thurrock is a hovel. These pictures are nothing compared to what else is around the borough.
    Sadly we have so many filthy animals living in our midst who just don’t care and dump rubbish anywhere.

    The council have no desire to clean up the borough so maybe their slogan of CLEAN IT should be changed to DUMP IT.


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