Monday, December 4, 2023

Thurrock Council lose out in press complaint against Thurrock Independent newspaper

THE journalistic standards of the Thurrock Independent newspaper and its commentary that Thurrock Council is an authority of ‘Secrecy and Contempt’ has been upheld by a newspaper watchdog which threw out the council’s complaint that the statement was inaccurate.


In their edition of Thursday, 25 January they ran a front page comment slamming the council after it consistently failed to answer legitimate questions on a number of key topics of interest to the public of Thurrock.

They slammed the council for its waste or resources, incompetence and accountability and described its ‘shambolic and incompetent mismanagement of the borough’s pay parking system’ as just one example of its failures.

In their comment section, they said: “We want to be fair to the council and give it – and the people in the firing line – the opportunity to respond. Their answers will shape our stories.

“That’s why it is hugely important that the council issues timely and informative responses but it repeatedly declines to do so.

The comments prompted the council to write to the Independent Press Standards Organisation, one of the media industry’s monitoring organisations. The standards expected to be upheld by IPSO are recognised by Thurrock Council as the kitemark standard of performance it demands from news media organisations operating in Thurrock.

They listed a number of reasons why their comment was unjust and unfair. All were rejected by IPSO.

The full ruling can be found here


  1. All local media outlets need to stand together for freedom of information from Thurrock Council.

    The Truth is NO politician or organisation both public or private corporation wants the media looking into things and checking they are ok.
    Reason is they are shit scared you will find something out and worse tell the readers of it.

  2. Seems a waste of time as I have never seen a copy of the Thurrock Independent an doubt of any of my family or friends have either, not sure what purpose it serves.

  3. Thurrock Tories are there along with Thurrock New Labour to serve the corporate interests always have been and always will be. its a system to manage the public.

    Our job in life is simply to be a good serf and hope they don’t take more freedoms away from us in the name of neoliberalism.

  4. StanfordIsGreat
    funny you attack a local media outlet for seeking freedom of information

    You will give a licence to MP’s and Councils banning all discussion investigation and media questions.

  5. Catching the Bus I think you miss my point, you describe it as a ‘local media outlet’ but clearly it is niche in the extreme as only people with too much time on our hands like you an I have ever heard of it or bother to visit the terrible website that is just a rehash of the gazette or your thurrock.


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