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Brexiteers angry at Jackie Doyle-Price after Twitter spat with fellow MP

Jackie Doyle Price Remain

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle-Price has incurred the wrath of Brexiteers after a comment she made on social media.

Ms Doyle-Price was reacting to comments to a tweet from MP for Morley and Outwood, Andrea Jenkyns (Cons) who was responding to the Prime Minister, Theresa May’s speech in Downing Street on Friday afternoon.

Ms Jenkyns tweeted: “Actions speak louder than words #Actionsspeaklouderthnwords #Deliverturbrexit”.

Ms Doyle-Price duly responded: “Give it a rest Andrea”

Ms Jenkyns replied: “I will continue to fight to honour the result of the UK’s biggest democratic vote in history. I am also fighting to deliver what the majority of my constituents voted for. How did your constituents vote Minister?”

Jackie Doyle-Price retorted: “I’m doing the same. The EU put two fingers up to chequers this week. No need for you to join in behind them”.

Andrea J

Reaction on Twitter was swift.

Among the comments were:

“Jackie Doyle-Price, your constituents voted 72% vote to Leave the EU in Thurrock. Why don’t you resign and give your seat to an MP that actually represents the constituents of Thurrock?”

“No, she’s doing exactly the right thing. As a lifelong Conservative I’m disgusted by how many MPs are trying to force through BRINO and if anything near the Chequers betrayal were enacted I could never vote Conservative again. We voted to leave the EU. All of it.”

“Keep it up Andrea, we are behind you. Jackie, you need to reassess your understanding of democracy… Support a full and decisive Leaving from the EU, as directed to do so, and as pledged in our Manifesto at GE2017”.

“You’re asking a principled MP to stop mentioning Brexit because it annoys you. Andrea, is an excellent MP who serves her constituents well. You, on the other hand lack Andrea’s moral fibre, time you represented the majority of your constituents, it’s what you’re paid for.

“Bravo to Andrea Jenkyns for calling out JackieDP who told her to “give it a rest” from fighting for Brexit. Have you forgotten how Thurrock voted in the referendum, Jackie? We’ll remind you… 72.3% OUT!”

There was support for Ms Doyle-Price.

“Yeah…but not many Thurrock voters work for Honda, Nissan, JLR, Toyota etc…do they brave Andrea ?? (Who will still pick up her taxpayer stumped salary after brexit.)”


  1. What was the last time we heard anything of Stephen (I’m moving to Basildon when I’m elected) Metcalfe? Apparently he is supposed to be Thurrock’s other MP. Should residents start putting up missing posters?

  2. Thurrock residents have learned to live without the support of our MP, Tim Aker has ovewrwhelmingly supported many of us when support has been needed.

  3. What ever your political persuasion the over ridding fact is we MUST honour the Brexit referendum.
    You cannot have a vote and call for another if you don’t agree with the outcome.
    In the meantime, lets get rid of JDP asap and stop this political parasite from gaining office again.

  4. I agree with you thurrocksgonedownhill
    We need to get small and medium sized businesses growing and exporting around the world. Including the EU.
    JDP only cares about neoliberal multinational corporations and bankers that are going to kill capitalism. SME’s employ the most people not the big boys. We need to replace her with a Tory who cares about the little guy in Thurrock not the big guy in Wall Street.
    Thurrock Conservatives please deselect her. She is now getting Toxic.

    I mean she does not even respect the EU democratic vote. Its as if her view is above that of the voters. She reminds me a lot of Hillery Clinton. saying its the voters who got it wrong. lol

  5. Blimey CTB thats two things we agree on in a week…steady on now!

    Lets make Britain great again.

    Vote for a completely new order that is fair and sensible for Britain.

  6. I agree partly I will never vote for Conservative, New Labour, Lid Dem or UKIP. BNP or EDL.

    Show me this party of new order that is fair and sensible you speak off.
    only now 66% of people bother to vote in the UK and its 58% in the US.
    The western world is screaming out for change.

    Politicians either from the Dumb or DUmber parties Just keep selling the voters out for money. I am sure JDP would flip any policy for a £billion on any issue.


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