Sunday, September 24, 2023

Thurrock’s Labour leader: “Re-open Tilbury Police Station now”

Tilbury Police

FOLLOWING the recent shooting in Tilbury, the Labour Party’s parliamentary candidate, and opposition leader on the council has called for action.

John Kent says he has been proven right over the closure of Tilbury Police Station and that the council should act to help cash-strapped Essex Police.

Speaking on Thursday (27 September) he said: “Back in 2016 I said closing the police station was a mistake and from what the force is saying they’re agreeing with me now.

“Chief Inspector Claire Talbot, District Commander for Thurrock has said she’s ‘putting a mobile police station in the area so please come and say hello’. She wouldn’t have to do that if Tilbury Police Station was still open.

“She says people will see ‘high visibility patrols’ and that’s what we’ve been calling for; not just in Tilbury, but across Thurrock.

“She says ‘my officers will be there to engage with the community and answer any questions’. Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do?”

Mr Kent said: “It’s a little known fact that Tilbury Police Station is actually owned by the council, so why can’t it be used? Essex Police and Thurrock Council should quickly come to a deal so Chief Inspector Talbot’s officers are permanently available and visible.

“A sticking plaster is all very well in the short term, but people want, and deserve, a permanent solution.”

He added: “She also says ‘there have been a number of issues’ in that part of Tilbury recently. Yes there have, but it’s not just Tilbury. The reduction in officers is an issue felt across the borough.

“Its an issue constantly being raised by people on the doorstep and in the street when we speak with them; and it comes down to funding from central government.
“This government’s complacent attitude to police morale and police numbers is the reason why people are afraid, it is one of the main reasons crime – and serious crime at that – is on the increase.

“It’s time government, Thurrock Council and Essex Police acted to stop the streets of Tilbury – and Thurrock as a whole – from getting totally out of control.

“It’s time for increased police funding and noticeably increased police numbers so we can all feel and be safer in our homes and in our streets.

“And it’s time police officers were properly paid enough to do their job. They work on our behalf, it’s time the government recognise that.”


  1. The tories cut the police. they have gone from the party tough on crime to the party of crime.

    I live in Tilbury and you just don’t go out when the sun goes down.

    We need more police, prison staff and a prison.
    Take the money from offshore accounts. There are a few now.

  2. It is a feral society in which we live. It is lawless and crime pays, so it is only going to get worse.

    Stop all the dossers and so called invalid shirkers to pay for more police.

  3. You on the far right always make me laugh.

    Always kicking the lower lot for the last 40 years. £50 from 1000 people is a cops wage.
    Billions from the offshore accounts is a lot more and a hell of a lot of cops.

    But hey the far right don’t pay tax. But happy to have the lower lot who don’t even want a war pay for one of there lovely foreign wars they don’t want to pay tax for. Bloody shirkers.

  4. The problem is that there is to much lower class feral breeding and us responsible people are saddled with the burden.
    Get the shirkers working and make benefits for those really in need.

    I don’t want to keep the dossers…do you?

  5. I am glad.

    If everyone paid the taxes we could have a much larger police force.

    We also could lower the income tax levels to maybe 28% if corporations and wealthy people didnt do the tricks of offshore.
    This would lower your own taxes TGDH with regards to Police, Prisons, Military so on.

    I cannot see it happening though as MP’s benefit from offshore. Its a great one isnt it. they benefit from Offshore and who make the rules on Offshore. they do.

    and hear is the real kick in the teeth if you or I or any other thurrock small business did it we would go to Jail.

    One law for the well connected and another for us serfs.

  6. You only have to look at the EU which well and truly highlights that issue.

    Just another reason we need to dump the corrupt quango asap.

    How many billions missing is it now????


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