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Stanford-le-Hope man jailed for role in armed robbery that saw woman brutally attacked

A STANFORD-LE-HOPE man described as the ringleader of a gang that committed a violent robbery at a supermarket using a corrosive substance has been jailed for ten years.

Peter Brown

Peter Brown, 29 (06.04.89) of Hope Avenue, Stanford-Le-Hope, Essex pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and throwing a corrosive fluid with intent to burn, maim, disfigure or disable or to do some grievous bodily harm at Wood Green Crown Court on 8 August.

He was sentenced on Wednesday, 3 October to ten years’ imprisonment, with an extended period on licence of an additional four years. This will be served concurrently alongside a jail sentence he is serving for unrelated offences.

On the evening of Friday, 10 March 2017, the victim – a woman in her early 50s – was alone in the supermarket in Mare Street, E8 where she worked when four males wearing masks and gloves entered.

Before making demands and in an effort to incapacitate the victim, one of the men squirted high-strength ammonia in her face, causing burn injuries.

The victim screamed for help and tried to resist and she was sprayed again with the substance.

She pressed the store panic alarm and the gang made off with no cash.

As the victim lay burnt on the ground, one of the gang stamped on her with such force it left a visible footprint on her body.

The court heard that Brown travelled from Essex to Hackney. There he met with four other men – two of whom have already been convicted in relation to this offence – and Brown provided the gang with bottles of ammonia for them to commit the robbery.

CCTV footage showed that the gang had previously visited the supermarket to carry out reconnaissance before the robbery.

Detective Constable Ben Kahane from the Hackney Crime Squad, who led the investigation, said: “Peter Brown is a dangerous man. Even though he did not physically enter the shop and throw the ammonia, Brown provided it and planned the attack in detail so is equally culpable.

“It was shocking to see Brown grinning in CCTV footage seconds before the gang struck, knowing full well what was in store for their victim as he cowardly waited nearby. The level of violence used was unnecessary and barbaric.”

+ Sadik Kamara, 25 (19.07.93) of Booth Road, Newham and Joshua Jordan, 21 (22.01.97) of Ruscoe Road, Newham were sentenced to extended sentences of 14 years each in October 2017 for the same offence.



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