Saturday, June 10, 2023

St Luke’s Hospice let you know about the Wig Bank

ST. Luke’s Hospice is keen to let people know that ‘The Wig Bank’ which offers support to women who have lost their hair through Cancer treatment or other illnesses has their next session on Saturday 27th October at the Hospice and there are still a few appointments left.

Wig Bank

The volunteer led Wig Bank, run by professional hairdresser and qualified wig stylist Julie Waker, meets once a month. Unwanted wigs are donated to the ‘Wig Bank’ where they are cleaned and conditioned to a professional standard Most of the donated wigs are new or have never been worn. In return for a personal consultation and wig- fitting Julie is asking for a minimum £20 donation to the Hospice

Julie explains, ‘We have been really fortunate in having some amazing wigs donated which are of the highest quality. The difference having a good quality fitted wig has made to people’s lives has been heart-warming to hear. Some have told us that it has given them confidence to return to work or even just to ‘pop out’ to the shops or attend a special family event. I am equally delighted that through the Wig Bank generous donations have also been made to St Luke’s supporting their caring work’’.


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