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Thurrock Labour’s parliamentary candidate highlights appalling increase in violent crime

OFFICIAL statistics show that as police officer and PCSO numbers have fallen across Essex, crime has soared.

The government’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures released on Thursday (18 October) show that from June 2017 to June 2018, police recorded crime in the county increased by 12 per cent, violent crime went up by nearly a quarter (24.6 per cent), and weapons possession by a third.

John Kent Elm

Since the Tories came to power in 2010, the number of police officers in Essex has fallen by 600, and the number of police community support officers has dropped by 300.

John Kent, the Labour Party’s parliamentary candidate for Thurrock said: “We can’t keep the Essex, let alone Thurrock, safe on the cheap. The government is failing in their duty to protect us and keep our people safe.

“Since they came to power, the Tories have cut and cut our police. Despite last week’s announcements, we all know our force here is desperately under staffed and overstretched.

“The appalling result is that in just a year violent crime, and weapons possession soared.

“This can’t go on. The figures show that this is a national problem – so it needs a national solution. If Theresa May really meant her promise to end austerity, then why isn’t she promising to cancel and reverse all the police cuts she has planned for the next four years? And why isn’t Jackie Doyle-Price calling for the cuts to be cancelled in November’s Budget?

“These figures are an awful indictment of the Tory cuts. The next Labour Government will recruit 10,000 new police officers nationwide to address this crisis.”


  1. Inner city scum have come to Thurrock – pure and simple.
    It would be no different whoever is in power. No one really has the balls to deal with the feral scum that control our streets.

  2. Anyone remember when Theresa May told the Police Federation: stop scaremongering over cuts.

    Theresa how did that suicidal statement pan out.
    No doubt she wil say the BBC and Yourthurrock and reported crime statistics are fake news.

    Care to walk through TIlbury at 11PM Theresa and bring Jackie with you. 🙂
    Essex Police would give you both officer protection but we have had to make cuts.

  3. thurrocksgonedownhill – You have a very rosy vision of Thurrock residents, don’t you? I’m pretty sure there are plenty of home-grown Thurrock scum out there causing trouble as well. You seem to like to blame everything on outsiders – people displaced from elsewhere coming to Thurrock ruining Thurrock or EU migrants ruining the UK. Grow up and look at the world as it is rather than your blinkered view of it.

    Catching the Bus – Mayhem and JD-P wouldn’t dare walk any streets at night without armed police. I doubt you’d see JD-P in Thurrock at all unless it was for a self-aggrandising photo shoot with a senior Tory.

  4. Valen (Myles) Cook
    You lie.

    JD-P did and does come and cares about Thurrock she opened the new Mcdonalds in Tilbury . Oh wait she is or was Health Minister how appropriate must of been about cutting down portions on childrens meals. .

    self-aggrandising photo shoot I get you now.
    My Bad.


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