Saturday, September 30, 2023

Tory councillor for Lodge Lane votes against motion to suspend controversial parking fines

A CONSERVATIVE councillor for Stifford Clays has voted against a motion that proposed to “revisit” the decision to fine residents in her ward from parking on their “crossovers”.

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The motion was put forward by the leader for the Labour group, cllr John Kent.

It states: “Thurrock Council notes that since decriminalisation of parking in 2005, residents of Lodge Lane have been able to park on their crossovers – as they had been able to for decades before. The decision to enforce against residents parking in this way has caused significant anger and concern against those affected.

Council calls on Cabinet to revisit this decision and find a way of allowing residents to park in the way they have for many, many years without any problem.

Cllr Kent believed there were opportunities to extend the “moratorium” i.e: not fine residents, while they explored other options.

He added:”There has to be a common sense answer to this problem. Every resident I speak to wants to talk about this for fifteen or twenty minutes.

All Labour and Thurrock Independents councillors voted for the motion, All Conservative councillors including cllr Elizabeth Rigby, whose ward of Stifford Clays covers the north side of Lodge Lane, voted against the motion.

The motion was carried.


  1. There may be other implications here, as placing yellow lines across driveways is a change (in times gone by they had to be left unmarked as the area would be trafficked and anyone using the drivways would be offending if the lines are in place) so TBC may have to reapply to modify the current status of the order.

    Anything to agitate the residents, if it aint broken don’t try and fix it, but these Tories come up with another deluded money making scheme.

    There are no safety issues here, no blocking of sight lines to the passing traffic, no danger for foot traffic, only when the occupants use their driveways and have to cross the footway, so don’t really see a problem.

    Some local councillor, who would want her fighting your corner, not related to JDP are you!

  2. You know the answer my friends, vote these imbecile Councillors out at the first opportunity.

  3. Exactly, lets get some commonsense into local politics, listening to the leader on the radio the other day, another one who is light years away from reality.

    buy your house become conservative thats the irony of the 80’s sell off.

  4. Reality is Big Noise, no one gives a shit and society is de-generating at a rapid pace.

    We need a Trump kind of character to get the country back on it’s feet and stop the rot.

    Commonsense is not something we see in any level of society of Government anymore.


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