Diabetes Awareness Month: Time to book education course


IN Thurrock approximately 7,600 people are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. This form of diabetes can be managed with diet and knowing what can improve your blood sugars and how to manage medication.

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As diabetes awareness month ends this week (30 November), Thurrock’s diabetes team are calling on people with Type 2 Diabetes to take action and take part in a diabetes education course.

Around 46% of people eligible to take up the Thurrock SWEET Diabetes Education course have taken up the opportunity over the last financial year (2017/18). This means that many more have missed out.

Courses are free, delivered locally and can really help to improve life with type 2 Diabetes.

Ken is in his 60s and from Thurrock, he was diagnosed just two months ago and recently attended the course, he said:

“I found the course brilliant and they explained everything very well. I learnt a lot about the diet side of diabetes and there were things I didn’t even know I was allowed to eat.

“It’s very beneficial and I would recommend it to anyone with diabetes. I felt nervous and didn’t know what expect or whether I would understand it. But once I met the team who run the course, they were very accommodating and made me feel very comfortable and welcome, like I was sitting in his own living room. I would say don’t delay and book your place.”

Dr Anjan Bose, GP and Clinical Diabetes Lead at NHS Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group, said;

“This Diabetes Awareness Month seems a great opportunity to raise the profile of Thurrock Diabetes Education programme. It doesn’t matter if you are newly diagnosed or had the condition for years there is always something new to learn.

“These education courses are delivered locally by a fantastic team who work with and treat people with diabetes every day. We see so many people in GP practice, who are not managing well following a diagnosis. I always take up the beneficial free S.W.E.E.T course they would feel so much better about managing the condition. What have you go to lose?”

Sessions are held at various locations in Thurrock including Corringham Fire Station, South Ockendon Centre, Stifford Clays Medical Centre and St John’s Church in Grays. These sessions are relaxed, enjoyable and informative and the Diabetes Team encourages attendance. Call 0300 300 1509 or email swe.diabetes@nhs.net to refer yourself today!

In addition to the courses, Thurrock CCG is encouraging people with diabetes to join a new Thurrock Diabetes Support Group, this group will have organised meetings and speakers as well as a chance for people to make new friends and find support. Those interested in joining should contact thurrock.ccg@nhs.net or call 01375 365 810.

To refer yourself to the S.W.E.E.T Diabetes course visit: www.thurrockccg.nhs.uk/your-health/diabetes/type-2-diabetes-education-course-s-w-e-e-t

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