MEP Tim Aker joins new Brexit Party

Tim Aker MEP

FORMER Thurrock councillor, Tim Aker has joined Nigel Farage in a new Brexit Party.

Mr Aker is currently an MEP. He is a member of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group.

Earlier this month, Mr Aker quit as a councillor triggering a by-election.

He joins fellow MEPS, Nathan Gill, David Coburn, Jonathan Bullock, Bill Etheridge and Julia Reid in the new pro-Brexit, eurosceptic political party, formed in 2019 by former UKIP Economic Spokeswoman Catherine Blaiklock.

The new party was officially registered with the Electoral Commission on February 8th.

In launching the party, Nigel Farage, announced he would stand as a candidate for the party in any future European Parliament elections, in the event the UK had not left the EU.

The European elections will take place on May 23rd to 26th, 2019 giving all adult EU citizens the opportunity to select who will represent them in the European Parliament.

In an interview with LBC about the Brexit Party, Mr Farage said: “It’s got my full support.

“It intends to fight the European elections if there is a delay to Article 50, if the can gets kicked down the road.

“There’s a huge appetite out there, and if Labour and the Conservatives think they can just kick this can down the road and not deliver Brexit on March 29 without consequences, they have got another thing coming.”

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