MP Jackie Doyle-Price slams her partner’s own officers at Thurrock Council over Purfleet plans

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price has slammed her own partner’s council department in a withering attack on regeneration plans for Purfleet.

Her comments come as massive plans for regeneration in Purfleet look set to come forward to Thurrock Council’s Planning Committee.

It was over five years ago that plans such as a major film studio headed up by Princess Anne’s husband Sir Tim Laurence were brought to Thurrock Council.

Since then we seem to have written a host of stories on the mooted project with many wondering if the billion pound project would ever see the light of day.

Speaking to the Thurrock Gazette, Ms Doyle-Price expressed a number of reservations regarding the project.

Her concerns centred on value to the taxpayer, the behaviour of the Purfleet Community Regeneration Limited (PCRL) and the general viability of the whole scheme specifically questioning whether it can deliver 2,600 jobs.

But she reserves her biggest criticisms for Thurrock Council officers whom she accuses of “staggering ineptitude” in relation to advice given. Ms Doyle-Price’s partner is Thurrock Council’s portfolio holder for regeneration, councillor Mark Coxshall.

Ms Doyle-Price told the paper: “I am incredulous that Thurrock Council officers allowed for these proposals to be drawn up without any reference to its obligations under Thames 2100.

“It shows staggering ineptitude that officers’ advice was that these obligations could simply be ignored. Consequently, the proposals were objected to by the Environment Agency, the Port of London authority and the Mayor of London”.

A Thurrock Council spokesperson said: “”Thurrock Council has worked with PCRL to ensure that the requirements of the Thames Estuary 2100 Plan have been addressed. Conditions have been put forward that, if agreed by Planning Committee, will result in the Environment Agency and the Port of London Authority withdrawing their objections to the scheme.”

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