Thursday, February 9, 2023

MP Jackie Doyle-Price slams her partner’s own officers at Thurrock Council over Purfleet plans

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price has slammed her own partner’s council department in a withering attack on regeneration plans for Purfleet.

Her comments come as massive plans for regeneration in Purfleet look set to come forward to Thurrock Council’s Planning Committee.

It was over five years ago that plans such as a major film studio headed up by Princess Anne’s husband Sir Tim Laurence were brought to Thurrock Council.

Since then we seem to have written a host of stories on the mooted project with many wondering if the billion pound project would ever see the light of day.

Speaking to the Thurrock Gazette, Ms Doyle-Price expressed a number of reservations regarding the project.

Her concerns centred on value to the taxpayer, the behaviour of the Purfleet Community Regeneration Limited (PCRL) and the general viability of the whole scheme specifically questioning whether it can deliver 2,600 jobs.

But she reserves her biggest criticisms for Thurrock Council officers whom she accuses of “staggering ineptitude” in relation to advice given. Ms Doyle-Price’s partner is Thurrock Council’s portfolio holder for regeneration, councillor Mark Coxshall.

Ms Doyle-Price told the paper: “I am incredulous that Thurrock Council officers allowed for these proposals to be drawn up without any reference to its obligations under Thames 2100.

“It shows staggering ineptitude that officers’ advice was that these obligations could simply be ignored. Consequently, the proposals were objected to by the Environment Agency, the Port of London authority and the Mayor of London”.

A Thurrock Council spokesperson said: “”Thurrock Council has worked with PCRL to ensure that the requirements of the Thames Estuary 2100 Plan have been addressed. Conditions have been put forward that, if agreed by Planning Committee, will result in the Environment Agency and the Port of London Authority withdrawing their objections to the scheme.”


  1. Mr and Mrs Doyle-Price at each other’s throats? Trouble in paradise? Well, they should have known that there’d be problems in their marriage because it is an inherent trait of knife-wielding, back-stabbing in all Tories which is obvious just looking at the Parliamentary party. It’s just a shame that Blair turned Labour into Tory-lite because Corbyn wouldn’t be having so many problems if they actually stood by the principles that are at the heart of the Labour Party’s genesis. It seems Toryism is a contagious disease that destroys whatever it touches. Or perhaps Toryism should be better likened to cancer.

  2. Thurrock Council has always displayed “staggering ineptitude” which ever political power has control. Both Labour and the Conservatives display total contempt for the residents it is supposed to serve and I can’t see that changing.

  3. “Both Labour and the Conservatives display total contempt for the residents it is supposed to serve and I can’t see that changing.”

    I agree with you TGDH. They serve the donor class not the electorate, I believe it was once US politician Ralph Nader who said
    Its a race between the two main parties on who drops to their knees for the donor class first.

    We face three main threats if they dont wake up.

    1. Democracy no one has done more harm to Democracy than politicians themselves.

    2. Capitalism.
    They are killing compeitition and free markets. we are fast becoming an oligopoly.

    3. Press freedom.
    Not just Julian and web purge of alternative media. (I still remember what they did illegally to Indymedia 15 years ago) but also the media is a puppet of the state. from the (Biased Broadcasting Corporation). BBC run out of Tory Central office.
    To CNN (Clinton News Network).
    To Fox News the republican channel.
    All claim they are news but provide opinion and spin for Murdoch and the ruling elite.

  4. “Blair turned Labour into Tory-lite”

    Yes TGDH first said this on the Andrew Mackinlay post when I was laying into Andrew and I think TGDH and you are both right. Blair is a Tory. when I think about it.

    Same happened with Clinton and the Democrats turning them into the Republicans-Lite.
    It is killing the Democrats in the US two factions the Hillery (Corporate democrats)
    and the Progressives.
    The party may split. as Hillerys camp are rigging elections with superdelegates and so on.

  5. Catching the Bus – We haven’t had real democracy in the UK for years what with a tiny percentage of the electorate deciding which party runs the government. Sometimes as little as 30% or less.

    As for the media, it’s a completely rigged game with most media outlets being owned by Right-wingers and, as you pointed out, independent media being purged. People don’t even seem to care that a large proportion of the UK media is owned by non-UK citizens. So many people complain about RT being owned by Russia but are happy with Murdoch’s media empire dominating our media and he’s an Australian. Murdoch’s media empire is extremely influential but has anyone complained of Australian influence in our elections or the EU Referendum? Of course not. And what’s worse is that our politicians like to cosy up with Murdoch’s meaning that an individual Australian billionaire has more influence over the government than the entire UK electorate does, further erroding democracy in this country.

    It’s enough to make you weep.

  6. You are incorrect on one point Murdoch is not technically an Australian.
    Citizenship Australian (1931–1985)
    American (naturalized 1985).

    Murdoch was forced to drop his Australian Citizenshipin 1985 when he wanted to form a US national TV network.

    Which brings up the question why do we not do the same?

    Most people don’t know That Virgin Media is not owned by Branson and owned by US corporation Liberty Global.

    As for RT I
    actually watch one show on it a financial show the Kaiser Report. Being an ex-New York trader he does tell it as it is. Though I always check his facts.

    As for UK media. I have a TV here in jolly old Tilbury and its not been on for 6 months. If it ever was it would more likely be to watch an England game.

    The News in this country is highly politicised and biased.

    I now get my information from numerous sources and make up my own mind on the facts.

  7. Catching the Bus – While Murdoch had to give up his Australian citizenship that doesn’t mean that he’s not an Australian by birth as he was born in Melbourne, Australia. It does highlight the grey area surrounding nationality and citizenship though. Does becoming a citizen of a country that you have moved to mean that you now have to renounce your birth nationality? Personally, I believe that your nationality remains set as your country of birth because it is not something that you decide much like being black is not a choice. Citizenship is a choice because you can choose to become a citizen of another country and that country can choose to accept you as a citizen or not. Murdoch was born in Australia so they can’t choose to alter his nationality although they can, and did, choose to terminate his Australian citizenship. I was born in Ilford so I would have remained a British national even if I’d taken up the option of living in America when I got married and decided to become an American citizen. You may have a different view and, like I said, it’s a grey area but I think I’ll stick with calling Murdoch an Australian.

    It’s rather a minor distinction to disagree on really as the original point I made is still valid whether you consider Murdoch an Australian or an American, it’s still a foreign individual who wields more power over the UK government than the entire UK electorate and that’s bad for our democracy.

  8. Yeah disagreeing is ok. But its only the odd little thing in what you said as most of it is fair play. So I agree 99.99% in what you said.

    On the last point totally. If you aint a UK Citizen and Taxpayer. You should have no say on Media or Political areas.

    Before one of Murdoch’s businesses was sold to US Comcast.
    Sky was losing tens of millions a year in operating lossses. Which brings up the question why was he doing this loss making venture.
    Only reason could be for political and electoral influence.

  9. Clarification when I refer to SKy I was meaning SKy News losing money. Not SKy as the whole company.

    Also when I said Media I meant News (Newspapers, TV News)

  10. Catching the Bus – You’ve got a point with only allowing UK citizens and taxpayers to have a say on media and political areas but mentioning taxpayers could allow some people to deny benefit claimants a say on UK politics as they don’t pay Income Tax which is what a lot of people think of when they hear or use the word ‘taxpayers’. They ignore the fact that benefit claimants pay VAT, etc.

  11. I was more on about Corporation tax. It is wrong a UK business (small medium sized or even large) has to pay it but a multinational Larger player can avoid it giving a foreign company a massive compedetive advantage over UK businesses.

    But that non tax payng offshore corporation will gladly use the Military to defend its businesses in the UK. Which it does not pay for but other UK businesses do.

    compedetive advantage double whammy

  12. I was more on about Media ownership.

    I have no problem if John In Alice Springs comments on British politics. But I do if John Owns a large chunk of UK media and controlling the narrative.

    I would not stop anyone from having a say on it. Just who owns it. Thus having a say on what gets talked about.

    Otherwise Pensioners and Claiments, and those who work but don’t meet the £12.500 threshold would also lose out and you cannot have (VAT) taxation without representation. For a massive chunk of the UK population.

    So basically I am saying UK citizenship and paying Corporation tax in the UK. For Major Media Outlets.

  13. The following Councillors who sat on Thurrock Council’s Planning Committee originally voted for developement of this land in December 2012: In favour: Councillors Healy, Anderson, Curtis, Liddiard, Ojetola and
    Palmer. No councillors objected, voted against or abstained.

    In March 2014 Labour controlled Thurrock Councils Cabinet voted for the proposed development of this land. The following Counillors voted for it unanimously. There were no objections or abstentions: Councillors John Kent (Leader and Chair),
    Barbara Rice (Deputy Leader), Angie Gaywood,
    Victoria Holloway, Bukky Okunade, Andy Smith,
    Phil Smith and Lynn Worrall.

    The Conservatives fully backed redevelopemnt. The minutes note the following: Councillor A. Smith thanked the Opposition and in particular Councillor
    G. Hague for their support, and observed that this gave both residents
    and the bidders confidence regarding the certainty of the project.

    In March 2018 Conservative controlled Thurrock Council rubber stamped the proposals at the Cabinet Meeting were the following voted for it: Councillors Robert Gledhill (Chair), Mark Coxshall James Halden and Aaron Watkins. There were no objections or abstentions.

    Both Labour and the Conservatives on Thurrock Council have enthusiastically, with no objections voted for every stage of redevelopment of this land. Bit late in the day for the Borough’s MP to start raising objections.

    It is of interest to note that the Cabinet Member for Regeneration is none other than Jackie Doyle Prices partner Councillor Mark Coxshall.

    Perhaps Councillor Coxshall should step down from his role as Cabinet Member for Regeneration and be replaced by someone who doesn’t have conflict of interests and whose decisions won’t be influenced by the vociferous objections of their partner? How can anybody have any faith he won’t be coerced by his partner?

    Jackie Doyle-Price has saved her venom to castigate Thurrock Council Officers. This is somewhat unfair. Perhaps she should publicly castigate the ‘incredulous’ ‘ineptitude’ of her partner for signing off the Thurrock Council Officer’s report – after all he is the Cabinet Member for Regeneration – the Councillor who oversees his Officers reports on regeneration. Who pulls the strings? The Cabinet member or his officers?

    In politics the buck stops with the politicians who make the decisions not the civil servants tasked in implementing their political masters whims.

  14. That was a good post ED.

    Politicians are all bought and paid for in my own view. I cannot wait for the details to leak out about there secret investors meetings.

    “In politics the buck stops with the politicians”

    Politicians never do. Tony Blair would take responsibility for the 45 mins WMD claim. London is stil not glowing in the dark. 100’s of dead British Troops. But Tony BLiar will never stand trial for all of this. He is above the law even though politicians tell us no one is above the law. He has effectively immunity from prosecution. and all these politicians are first to say to us we have to take personal responsibility for a our life choices. But its the one thing politicians never ever do.

    We are in a massive political
    crisis. They don’t serve the people they serve the Lobbyists/Donors.

    As I said I cannot wait for the details to leak out about there secret investors meetings. The Councillors will be in jail. Because they are not high enough up the political food chain to be able to escape it.

    We don’t live in a Democracy we live in an elected Hypocrisy.

  15. Catching the Bus – Yeah, I knew what you were talking about but it’s best to pinpoint precise terminology otherwise it can open your comments to a less accurate interpretation.

  16. CTB – best terminology I have heard for a long time “We don’t live in a Democracy we live in an elected Hypocrisy”. How true.
    ED – Great post -well done. You have made the whole thing a lot clearer.


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