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Laura’s Blog: Sugar, sugar, you give me a rush

Laura Moxley

Sugar sugar, you give me a rush
By Laura Moxley

MUFFIN tops and love handles are all about excess body fat, not lack of muscle! Therefore crunching your abs into submission… Until you feel your gut has been set alight by the devil himself isn’t going to get you your desired definition.

It is both a combination of food consumption and exercise. A good rule of thumb is, 70% diet, 30% exercise.

With Easter being just days away here is a reminder of the recommended sugar allowance for an average adult.

Daily sugar allowance.

Men: A maximum of 9 teaspoons of sugar a day that equals to 35 grams of sugar.
Women: A maximum of 25 grams.

Did you know a Cadbury’s Creme Egg has 26 grams of sugar in? More than a females daily recommended allowance of sugar!

Easter is a time to share tasty snacks and indulge in our favourite chocolate eggs. And that we should do however, its important to enjoy our day of treats then resume healthy eating the next day to ensure we don’t fall off track.
Sweet treats.

Coffee and cake is always something to look forward too. Although continuation of snacking on the wrong foods will hinder your ability to shed that belly fat. “Junk food” is packed with a particular set of ingredients, that are designed to trigger a specific part of the brain that is responsible for pleasure. These ingredients are:
Fat (saturated fat)

These three substances are craved by the human body even when we aren’t hungry simply because we know they taste extremely satisfying. Our brain then becomes hungry for these addictive ingredients.

Sugar is highly addictive much like drugs and alcohol. Sugar stimulates the same pleasure hormones within the brain in a very similar way that drugs such as cocaine or heroin do a drug addict. Consuming any addictive substance can lead to loss of self-control and a subsequent craving for more.
But sugar is legal and in virtually everything we eat! Crazy isn’t it?

Why is sugar bad?

Consuming large quantities of sugar, sweetened drinks and refined carbohydrates can cause weight gain; acne, increased risks of getting diabetes and cancer. It can also cause depression and even addiction. It is therefore very important to enjoy sugary treats as part of a balanced diet.

‘There is no dietary requirement for sugar. The human body needs protein, carbohydrates and fat. You do NOT need to eat any sugar…
You can prevent wanting more by eating sugar less!

Remember: When you see the words FAT-FREE or LOW-FAT, these words actually mean sugar and chemical overload.


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