Monday, February 6, 2023

Thurrock Labour elect new leader

Jane P

THE Labour Group on Thurrock Council have elected councillor Jane Pothecary as their new leader. Councillor Pothecary was re-elected last week as the councillor for Grays Riverside and will now lead the Labour Group as they provide the main opposition to the ruling Conservatives.

Councillor Bukky Okunade was elected as the Deputy Leader of the Labour Group at the same meeting.

Councillor Pothecary said, “I’m very proud to have been elected to lead the Labour Group. Our role now is clear – to stand up for the residents of Thurrock at every opportunity.

“I would like to thank the outgoing Leader, John Kent, for the work that he has done in leading the group and wish him all the best in his role as parliamentary candidate.

“Over the coming months, we need to set out a new, positive vision for the borough, and once again earn the trust of our residents. I believe we can be a positive force for change in Thurrock, and the Thurrock Labour Group will fight every day to make this a better place to call home.”


  1. Congratulations, Cllr Pothecary! It’s nice to see one of my local councillors as leader of the Labour Group. It takes me back to the days when Cllr John Kent was my local councillor. I look forward to seeing the plans you have for Thurrock and the day when you’ll be in a better position to carry them out when the Tories are booted out on their collective backsides.

  2. Just don’t take corporate money. and stand for small Medium businesses and the common man/woman. and waterboard Tony Blair. I’ll volunteer, To do my bit. 🙂

  3. Catching the Bus – John Kent is a good bloke. I don’t know why you have a problem with him. He was the Chair of the board of governor’s at the adult college when I was a governor there and he was really helpful and supportive towards me. And he was an excellent councillor for my ward.

  4. Things can only get

    Remind me – how much have our Labour politicians claimed in expenses??

    Let see if some nice new ideology occurs here as Labour always claim or as I suspect some nest feathering.

  5. “Remind me – how much have our Labour politicians claimed in expenses??”

    Probably as much as the Tories and Lib Dems. A hell of a lot.

  6. Catching the Bus – I don’t see what problem you have with John Kent because he’s always been helpful and supportive to me both as my former local councillor and as the Chair of the Board of Governors at TACC when I was a governor there.

  7. Catching the Bus – Don’t know what you’ve got against John Kent. He was always helpful and supportive to his constituents and to me personally when I was a governor at TACC.

  8. Catching the Bus – Don’t forget that some of the lowest expenses claims came from Labour including Corbyn who had the lowest.

    As for John Kent, I don’t know what your problem is with him because he was always very helpful as my local councilor and very supportive of me when we both served on the board of governors at TACC.

  9. Your right there CTB they are all on the take.

    Valen is right Corbyn has some of the lowest. Lets hope they all follow his lead in that respect.

  10. Multiple almost duplicated comments from me are due to what has been described by Casey as a system error which resulted in comments I posted not being published. I kept trying to comment so that resulted in multiple similar comments being published and is in no way me losing my mind as I’m sure some people might assert. As the error in the system seems to be very selective in the errors it makes and coincide with complaint emails sent to YT, the implication is that I am being deliberately targeted. A sorry state of affairs for freedom of speech.

  11. Valen.
    Well I have no problem posting at the moment.
    Apart from a few months ago when everything was moderated.
    So it or someone is targeting you.

    As for Kent
    it is not him to be honest, its F’ing Blairrights.
    They still ain’t arrested Blair? Not the Lab or Tories. None of them are even calling for it. Racketeers.

  12. Catching the Bus – As I said, the instances of being blocked then unblocked and re-blocked from posting comments do seem to coincide very closely with the messages/e-mails sent to the YT Facebook/e-mail accounts so it would be the coincidence of the century to be a system glitch in my opinion.


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