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Over the border: Basildon Council: Opposition alliance oust the Tories

BASILDON Council has a new leader and committee make up following its annual meeting, held last night (23 May 2019). Twenty-two councillors of varying political parties agreed to work together in order to take control of the council from the conservative group who have twenty members.

Gavin Callaghan

The first order of the agenda was to vote Councillor Burton-Sampson as Mayor, and Councillor Fellowes as Deputy Mayor. Mayor Burton-Sampson confirmed that his chosen charity for the year would be the Jo Cox foundation and that he would also look to create a Mayor’s Community Foundation as part of fundraising efforts, to allow smaller local charities to apply for donations.

Councillors then voted to establish their committees including:

Policy and Resources Committee, chaired by Councillor Callaghan

Commercialisation and Future Finance Committee, chaired by Councillor Burton-Sampson

Housing and Communities Committee, chaired by Councillor Smith

Neighbourhood and Public Spaces Committee, chaired by Councillor Harrison

External Affairs, Partnerships and Liaison Committee, chaired by Councillor McGurran

Town Centre Revival Committee, chaired by Councillor Callaghan

Infrastructure and Inclusive Growth committee, chaired by Councillor Brown

Councillor Gavin Callaghan, Leader of the new administration said,

“This alliance will put party politics aside to create a leaner and more effective administration that truly reflects the anxieties and issues facing the people we represent. We will replace petty partisanship with true partnership. The days of significant majorities for any party are over for the foreseeable future in Basildon and we are committed to working across party lines, not only will we work together but we want to work together.

“The main challenges that face us have not changed since I last addressed the council as Leader. Indeed, I am pleased that much of what we set in train during that eventful and productive year have continued to move forward. Our priorities now are to continue to drive forwards the celebrations of Basildon’s 70th anniversary and use the fantastic community spirit engendered to start a new conversation around the Basildon of the future.

“We will address the disconnect between the council and its communities by tackling inequality and providing new opportunities as well as tackling weaknesses in our own governance by pushing for unitary status.

“And we will redouble our focus on housing to make sure that people in our borough have safe places to call home.

“We can hit the ground running to accelerate the activity we can all support and to refocus on priorities that have yet to be addressed.”


  1. @ Valen (Myles) Cook …and former UKIP Councillor Kerry Smith who resigned over racist and homophobic comments is now Deputy Leader of the Council…

    …what strange bedfellows Labour have to climb the greasy poll of political power…

  2. ED I agree with you in part but UKIP are former disillusioned Tories. if to be balanced. So make of that what you will. Either way.

    “the greasy poll of political power…”

    Thats the very problem they are all or mostly corrupt. the section of Labour (Blairights, Gold sell off, WMD), the Lib dem’s (student sell outs). (Company undemocratic) Brexit Party. UKIP the (racist and homophobic as you posted) (Nazi Party).
    The Tories (are Friday the 13th, Kill the British people, Toxic).

    Its like they get the same set of people with the same view and aims.

    We need a new set of people 99.99% parties not 0.01% Establishment elitists.

    But I don’t know where it will come from in the UK as there are very few noble politicians. and the Mainstream media is rigged against any new movement.
    I expect the UK and US to move even further down the Press freedom index preventing any new political ideas or approaches coming through.

    But new approaches is what we need, like them trying to get behind the people is a new approach. Too much shit throwing and division.
    Nothing happening and country heading for shit.

    I do support Basildon getting together and putting Basildon and the People of it first.

  3. Ed – I’m not in bed with racists like UKIP because I have absolutely no influence over Basildon’s council or voters. However, given that UKIP have absolutely no power at the national level and the Tories have been killing some of the most vulnerable citizens of the UK, seeing the Tories lose power anywhere is a good thing. You see, Ed, I look at the big picture and each council the Tories lose control of and each seat they lose can only be a good thing. UKIP is a dead party walking and a minor inconvenience on the political stage until the better angels of the UK’s electorate finally put them out of their and our misery.

    So stop trying to attack me for congratulating Basildon for ousting the Tories because that’s being rather petty and dumb given my opposition to any Right-wing party.

    Thanks for playing but better luck next time.

  4. Ed – And, by the way, the correct word is ‘pole’ not “poll” as you put it in your comment regarding the ‘greasy pole’. Truly, some people need to get an education.

  5. Basically you are happy at Conservatives being ousted irrespective of the people replacing them. Says all we need to know about you.

  6. Ed – It’s nice to know you like me so much that you can’t miss an opportunity to contact me. Very sad state of affairs but says much about you.

    It’s also interesting that you take time out to attack me for no real reason but never attack people who have voted UKIP in the past or those who have openly advocated voting for The Brexit Party which is only slightly less racist than UKIP and led by the racist crap spewing Nigel Farage, people like Peter Perrin and some of the people who routinely attack me whenever I say something that they disagree with. You’re a massive hypocrite to attack me for not supporting UKIP and wanting the Tories (who have openly and murderously attacked disabled citizens of the UK) to lose as many seats and influence as possible, yet allow people who openly support UKIP and The Brexit Party a free pass.

  7. o@ Valen (Myles) Cook. When in a hole stop digging. You congratulate Labour doing a deal with a racist and homophobe to keep the Conservatives out. Madness.

  8. Ed – Instead of attacking me for something I never said or did, why don’t you start attacking the voters and supporters of The Brexit Party, UKIP and the Tories, all political parties that are led by racists?

    I guess the reason you don’t attack them is you think that the friends you have might be upset to discover that you actually agree with their racism and that might affect your standing with them.

    I, on the other hand, have spoken out on the subject of racism openly and on a number of occasions. I have also engaged in debates in which I have defended minorities of all types (racial, gender, religious, those with physical/mental disabilities). Have you?

    I keep stating that I don’t support or defend the way the Tories were ousted in Basildon but that any loss of seats or influence can only be a good thing given that the Tories have killed many of my fellow disabled community members, both physically disabled or those with mental ill-health. Or do you support the deaths caused by the Tories?

    Just how big a hypocrite and moral vacuum are you?

  9. Ed – I’ve just seen this headline “‘Terrifying’ video shows attendees of a Brexit Party rally calling for Jeremy Corbyn to be ‘lynched’”. So why aren’t you attacking The Brexit Party for incitement to violence?

  10. Or attacking The Brexit Party and their supporters over things like this headline “‘Brexit Party’ supporters tell British-Asian Labour MEP to go home during acceptance speech”?

  11. Well done to The Brexit Party for changing mainstream politics.

    No more left wing nanny state Labour.

  12. Yes, well done Brexit Party for changing British politics by bringing us ex-Tory Ann Widdecombe, an anti-abortion, climate change denying homophobe who supports torture and women being shackled whilst giving birth. What a breath of fresh air the Brexit Party truly is bringing such upstanding bottom-feeders into British politics.


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