Councillor hits out at “calamity council” for causing traffic chaos last weekend.

Cllr hits out at calamity Council for causing traffic chaos last weekend.

STANFORD East and Corringham Town Councillor, Shane Ralph, has written to the council demanding answers for last weekend’s transport shut down in Stanford-le-Hope.

Cllr Shane Ralph said “Residents are fuming over the total mess that occurred last weekend around Stanford le Hope and Corringham due to the A13 closure and no trains running from Stanford station.

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“How was this allowed to happen on the same weekend? Residents of SS17 were basically held hostage in their own towns?

“Buckingham Hill Road, where for months we have been stuck with temporary lights, only added to the problem. On Sunday, Buckingham Hill Road was shut to try to help the problem. However, this completely backfired as many residents just moved the bollards and used the road anyway.

“Due to the short notice of the Buckingham Hill closure residents were still filling their cars up to travel to the recycling centre only to find they couldn’t get to it.

“The whole situation needs to be looked into and a full explanation given on how the train station and A13 closure was allowed to happen on the same weekend. Also, how can it be possible that a fully functioning junction is still not in place at Buckingham hill?”

“I really do feel for residents. From the outside, Thurrock, under this Conservative administration, looks increasingly like ‘Carry on Council’ rather than a responsible unitary authority.”

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