Brexit: Former Thurrock MP Andrew Mackinlay backs revoking Article 50

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RESPECTED former parliamentarian Andrew Mackinlay, who was Thurrock’s Labour MP for almost twenty years and joined Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats in May, has said that the UK now has no choice but to revoke Article 50 and to stay in the European Union if the Prime Minister refuses to ask for an extension.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat parliamentary campaigner Kevin McNamara said: “Andrew was a highly experienced MP who commanded respect across the entire House of Commons and on this issue he is entirely right. The Liberal Democrats want a People’s Vote so that, three years after the referendum, we can decide as a nation how we proceed. If that is not possible, surely no Brexit is better than a disastrous no deal Brexit?

“The real question is, if push comes to shove, where does John Kent stand on this? Does he agree with me and former Labour MP Andrew Mackinlay or does he agree with Jackie Doyle-Price that we should get on with Brexit at any cost?”

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