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General Election 2019: Thurrock’s Labour candidate John Kent: “I’m proud to be standing to represent the community I love”

John Kent Dementia

WITH a general election now set for 12 December, John Kent, Labour’s candidate for Thurrock is calling on local people to stand up for our community and vote for positive change.

John Kent said: “I’m proud to be standing to represent the community I love. Thurrock is where I grew up, where I still live and work, and where I’ve raised my family.

“My working life began at 16 with an apprenticeship in the printing industry where I worked for many years and I now work with local community groups to help improve Thurrock.

Living in Thurrock all my adult life I share day in and day out the frustrations that so many of us that live here have. I see streets that aren’t clean enough, I hear residents tell me of their fear of crime as our police service faces cut after cut, and I know how difficult it can be to get an appointment with our GPs.

“But it doesn’t have to be like this, there is a better way.

“I’m proud to stand on a platform to radically change our society from the grass roots upwards and deliver the change Thurrock urgently needs. We need more police on our streets to tackle rising crime, we need better funded schools so our children aren’t paying the price for Tory chaos, and we need a properly funded NHS to deliver the quality care we all deserve.

“Under the Tory Government we’ve seen both Tilbury and South Ockendon police stations shut, and violent crime rise in Thurrock. Our primary schools lose out on an average of £105,000 of funding, and the Tories plan to demolish Thurrock’s hospital. This simply isn’t good enough.

“Only a Labour Government will deliver the radical programme of change we need, and I’m proud to lead that fight in our community. I’m calling on local people to stand up for our community and vote for positive change.”


  1. Unfortunately John Labour will lose votes in Thurrock because of the performance of Corbyn and the rest of the rabble shadow government over the past few months. They have not given a fig about the electorate and have been obsessed with stopping GB leaving the the EU to make Johnston fail in his promise to get Brexit done as the majority voted for in the referendum .

  2. Labour have shown no respect for democracy. Be a leave or remainer, the democratic vote should be upheld regardless.
    Shame on all MPs who took part in such action. You should all be sacked as I hope you will be via the election process.
    As for the anti semetic, racist Labour Party who would ever want to vote for them is beyond me.

    There is only one way forward for the UK and that is to respect the referendum and get Brexit done.

  3. Get Brexit done and knock 10% of our GDP! I take it you’re not one of those who have already lost their job or who face losing it?
    At least Labour are offering a confirmatory vote, after the lies of Johnson and Co.
    If the electorate voted for you to put your head in a fire would you do it? Referendums are a bad idea, because they give morons a vote. This one just to silence Cameron’s right wing nut jobs.
    I’ll be voting Labour because JDP couldn’t even sort out the noise from Lakeside, all she was interested in was kissing Maybot’s a** to get herself a cushy job. She’s done nothing for Thurrock. Shame we missed out on Polly Billington. Look at your NHS, your Schools, your lack of Police and ask yourself why you will be voting for more of the same!


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