Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Vietnamese Police visits Grays over 39 deaths

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ESSEX Police is continuing to progress the complex investigation in to the circumstances which led to 39 people being found dead in a lorry in Grays.

They are working with national and international partners to get answers for the friends and family of those who died and bring all those responsible to justice.

This week they welcomed a delegation of Vietnamese Police and officials who met with officers involved in the investigation. The identities of the victims remain unconfirmed, however they have worked closely with Vietnamese Police over the last two days and anticipate presenting cases to the Identification Commission which is overseen by Her Majesty’s Senior Coroner for Essex Caroline Beasley-Murray.

It’s an important process which is the culmination of hours of meticulous work by a dedicated team to provide evidence to be presented at the commission.

Their priority continues to be to the thorough and meticulous investigation into the criminality that resulted in the death of the victims, to preserve the dignity of those who have died and to support their friends and family.


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