Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Van seized for suspected fly-tipping

Thurrock Council Offices

THURROCK Council has issued a warning to fly-tippers that the net is closing after the council’s Civil Enforcement officers confiscated a vehicle suspected of being involved in fly-tipping in a joint operation with Essex Police.

This is the latest action the council has taken as it cracks down on those who pollute the borough by illegally dumping their waste.

Cllr Rob Gledhill said: “I still hear residents saying we are not taking action on fly-tipping, this is now the fourth vehicle we have seized linked to fly-tipping since April, couple this with the 204 £400 fines we have issued in the same time period and it demonstrates that we are taking action.

“When anyone thinks they’re saving a few pounds by using an unauthorised waste carrier from social media or word of mouth it can end up costing them a huge amount more in fines and the risk of a potential criminal record. Someone trying to save a few pounds can also end up costing the tax payer thousands in clean-up costs.”

A £400 fixed penalty notice can be given to anyone involved in fly-tipping, including residents that don’t take the proper care and use an unauthorised waste carrier who ends up illegally dumping their waste.

Those responsible for larger dumps, or anyone who doesn’t pay their fixed penalty notice, will face a criminal prosecution which could land them in Magistrates Court and see them end up with a fine of up to £50,000 or a 12 month prison sentence.

Fly-tipped waste can be reported at


  1. Mr Gledhill, now tell everyone that the confiscated vans are returned once the fine is paid and the ratepayer picks up the clean up bill.
    It is a farce that clearly demonstrates fly tipping pays and that’s why it continues and continues to get worse.


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