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Peter Perrin

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IN a few days time, 12 December 2019, people will be voting for a new Government and, rightly or wrongly, the main issue will probably be Brexit.

During the 86 years I have lived so far I cannot recall a General Election that has tested the voters Party loyalty to such a degree that whereas, in the past, they would have had no difficulty deciding which Party to vote for find themselves in a quandary due mainly to the shenanigans of Members of Parliament since the decisive result of the 2016 referendum to leave the European Union. 52% voting to leave, 48% voting to remain.

The Conservative Party want us to vote for them in the hope that they will secure a sufficient majority so as to enable them to claim they have a mandate to leave the EU with or without a deal.

The Labour Party, having removed any likelihood of a no deal Brexit, want us to vote for them promising, if they win, they will negotiate a NEW deal and hold another referendum with the option to accept the deal and leave or reject it and remain in the EU. Given the fact that the EU wants us to remain, why would they offer us an acceptable deal? The more likely outcome is the EU will offer us a deal they know will be unacceptable thus ensuring we will remain a Member of the EU. “Hobson’s” choice?

The Liberal Democrats say, if they win, they would revoke Article 50 and pretend the 2016 referendum never happened. Not only is it “brass-necked” they are, like ostriches, burying their heads in the sand. They call themselves “liberal democrats”. What is democratic about their intention to ignore the will of the 17.4 million who voted to leave? However large or small a win is a win even though you may disagree with the result.

It is argued that another referendum/peoples vote/confirmation vote, whatever, is the only democratic way of solving the current impasse, incidentally an impasse created due to the antics of our so called Parliamentarians. Why on earth should we trust that MPs would honour the result of a further referendum when most of them have , for the past 3 years, tried every trick in the book to avoid honouring the 2016 referendum?

I believe most people want MPs to get the message, loud and clear; WE DO NOT TRUST YOU!

MPs claim to believe in democracy but it seems their belief is conditional and is only acceptable when it meets with their approval.

So on polling day people have the opportunity to make a decision and influence how the UK will be governed. 72+% of people in Thurrock, who actually voted in 2016, voted to leave and it is my impression that very few , if any, have changed their minds. On the contrary, I believe they are even more determined to “get Brexit done” and leave the EU sooner rather than later.

That said I predict, if Brexit remains the dominant issue in Thurrock, the Conservative candidate, Jackie Doyle-Price will win yet again, probably with an increased majority. However, should other issues, such as the NHS, climate change and trust, be of equal, or possibly even greater concern, in Thurrock, then the chances of the Labour candidate, John Kent, are enhanced with an outside chance of actually winning, albeit in a close run contest.

Therefore, I urge every one to cast their vote however difficult or painful the decision maybe.

A word to those who are thinking of abstaining and not bothering to vote, You can still express an opinion by going to the polling station and “spoiling” your ballot paper by writing on it “none of you”. It may not influence the result but it will send a message of your disapproval to the candidates. It will also give you the satisfaction of having taken part in the election.

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