Mr. Perrin’s blog; A Word in Your Ear…..The duplicity of defecting councillors

Peter Perrin

Mr. Perrin’s blog; A Word in Your Ear.

THE duplicity of, past and present, United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)/Thurrock Independents Party (TIP) Councillors seems to know no bounds. After originally being elected as UKIP/TIP Councillors they decide to defect to another Party without seeking endorsement from the electorate, especially those UKIP/TIP members/supporters who voted for them in the first place.

The most recent defector is Allen Mayes, elected as a TIP Councillor for the Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park Ward as recently as 3rd May 2019 which means he has another three years, i.e. till May 2023, as an “unelected” Conservative Party Councillor Angela Lawrence formerly (Sheridan) was elected on the 8th May 2016, as the UKIP Councillor for the Belhus Ward, defected about a year or so ago, is now the “unelected” Conservative Councillor for Belhus, though that could come to an abrupt end in the 2020 Local Government election

Two other ex-UKIP/TIP Councillors, Graham Snell and Roy Jones, switched to the Conservative Party after losing their seats in the 2018 Local Government Election. Both stood as Conservative candidates in the 2019 Local Government election and both of them lost to Thurrock Independents Party candidates.

If Angela Lawrence (Conservative) loses on 7th May 2020 Local Government election, might the lesson to be learned is “electors do not take kindly to defectors”?

The sheer hypocrisy of these four former UKIP/TIP members and their deception is stunning. As UKIP/TIP members they were highly critical of the Conservative and Labour administration of the Council. They would have us believe they were the only Party fit to run the Council. You only have to read their literature and listen to their comments to be aware of their past condemnation of the Conservative and Labour administrations. They bombarded the electorate with promises such as how they would never do “deals” with another Party and would always put the interests of the people first, before Party or personal interests. How cynical and hollow those promises sound now as they rush headlong into the Conservative Party’s embrace and reveal, what some of us have suspected all along, that their true political values are far more in tune with the values of the Conservative Party. Bah humbugs.

To their credit Cllrs Luke Spillman and Jack Duffin have voluntary decided not to seek re-election in May 2020.

The act of “crossing the floor” to join another Party without submitting to a by-election, thereby depriving the electorate the opportunity to express their approval or disapproval by means of the ballot-box, is a shameful act, lacking honesty and sincerity. I suggest it could also be viewed as a fraudulent act by the defector, who continues to hold, and be paid, for a position in public office, an`”unelected” position he/she has assumed to be theirs as of right.

The sooner the act of “crossing the floor” without submitting to a by-election is outlawed the better. This should apply to Members of Parliament as well as Local Government Councillors.

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