Chafford Hundred councillor quits the Labour Party and says she has joined the Conservatives


A CHAFFORD HUNDRED councillor has quit the Labour Party and declared herself a Conservative councillor.

South Chafford councillor Abbie Akinbohun issued a short statement on her Twitter account on Tuesday night. It said: “With great sadness…I like to announce (sic) that I have left The Labour Party..There will be a press release tomorrow”

By Wednesday morning she had changed her Twitter bio from Labour councillor to Conservative councillor and posted a picture of herself with Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price.

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On Tuesday evening, Thurrock Labour also issued a statement. They said: “Thurrock Labour Group has suspended Councillor Abbie Akinbohun with immediate effect following a complaint about her conduct.

“Thurrock Labour Group will not be commenting further until an investigation has concluded”.

Cllr Akinbohun caused a shock in 2018 when she won the South Chafford ward with a majority of just 38.

2 Responses to "Chafford Hundred councillor quits the Labour Party and says she has joined the Conservatives"

  1. rocket1   January 29, 2020 at 5:05 pm

    Tunde should get his job back,this is disgraceful.people voted labour for a reason.if she wants to quit then have the courage to call a election.

  2. thurrocksgonedownhill   January 29, 2020 at 5:14 pm

    This bed hoping is totally wrong. It seems to me she just wants to secure being on the winning side. If one wants to jump ship it should automatically trigger a by-election at their expense, not the taxpayer, and then they can genuinely be re-elected on merit, if they do of course.

    It seems in this instance it is more about keeping the expenses rolling in than political posturing.

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