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St. Luke’s Hospice unveils new logo and branding in preparation for the upcoming changes and growth

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St. Luke’s Hospice has today unveiled a new logo and branding in preparation for the upcoming changes and growth of the Hospice.

THE new logo, launched in the charity’s 30th anniversary year, was created for free by local designers from Encompass Creative Ltd, a company which has worked with St. Luke’s Hospice for over 10 years.

It was chosen by staff, volunteers and the charity’s Patron and Co-Founder Trudy Westmore-Cox. The design is an abstract interpretation of some of the Hospice’s key values, specifically, that the Hospice is patient-focussed, caring, collaborative and professional. Its abstract nature allows for interpretation, however it was chosen by staff and volunteers as it largely connoted embrace, comfort and partnership.

Updating the branding became a necessity as the former logo and branding, first introduced in 1990, no longer reflected the breadth and scope of the Hospice today and the new Hospice being built in Thurrock.

The new logo also represents the many areas the charity serves; caring for people not just in one building, but offering its services out in the community across Basildon, Thurrock and wider into South West Essex.

The modernised logo will work better for the charity in today’s digital age, where online communication through websites and social media channels has become an increasingly important way to communicate with people.

Eileen Marshall, CEO of St. Luke’s Hospice, said: “Whilst our old logo served us well, with the upcoming changes, growth of the Hospice and the opening of our new site in Thurrock, we felt this was the right time to update our branding.

“There’s still a common misconception that hospices only care for people at the end of their lives when in fact, we help many more and our services are wide-ranging. We care for people’s medical, emotional and spiritual needs, as well as supporting families, friends and carers, and our new logo is reflective of the scope of our work. Strong branding is crucial in continuing our work reaching out to communities and encouraging people to access our free support and services.

“We’re extremely grateful to the companies and people who have donated time to support us in the re-branding, and to the staff and volunteers who contributed to our new logo. This is an exciting step forward for the Hospice.”

The re-branding was possible thanks to the generosity of many, including Neil Vinton and Nick Porter of Encompass Creative Ltd, who not only provided guidance and advice, but also created a range of logos and worked with the charity to create the final logo for free. The charity also received pro-bono support from branding experts who helped guide it through the process.

The new logo will be introduced across the Hospice over time to minimise costs. This will include replacing shop signs; a much-needed update which the charity has delayed in preparation for the new branding.

To keep up-to-date with developments at St. Luke’s Hospice visit the website or follow the Hospice on social media, @StLukesHospiceB on Twitter and @stlukeshospicebasildonthurrock on Facebook.


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