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Labour continue to pile pressure on Thurrock-Tories over building plans across borough


JUST WRITE TO ME AND “IT WILL NOT HAPPEN” – Tory Councillor Barry Johnson to Orsett Residents

RUTH Clapham, a leading Save Our Green Spaces campaigner, reacting to news that Councillor Johnson told Orsett residents, it won’t happen if they write to him to say they don’t want the plans to go head.

“Councillor Johnson is the incompetent gift that keeps on giving. You couldn’t make up his level of ineptitude.

“On a more serious note what a way to run a process. There seems one rule for Orsett and another for the rest of us. At a residents meeting in Orsett just yesterday (Sunday 8 March 2020), Orsett Ward Councillor Barry Johnson promised the residents of Ridgewell Avenue, Orsett if they simply responded to a letter from him saying they didn’t want their homes demolished for brand new houses, “it will not happen”. But just a week earlier in Ockendon he said residents would have to wait for the consultation to open and arrange local petitions to have any chance of halting plans to build all over their green spaces.

“All this before an official consultation has even opened. It’s clear this so-called consultation is a sham – a cynic may say it’s rigged.

“As there is such widespread and total opposition to woeful Councillor Johnson’s plans, he should save time and public money and do the right thing – scrap them. He would do well to remember the political adage – when you’re in a hole, stop digging.

“But we’re not banking of common sense prevailing any time soon. Our fight goes on, if you haven’t already signed the petition and would like copies please email us


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