Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Remote Work – Free IT Consultation for small businesses

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Remote Work – Free IT Consultation for small businesses

AS a business, we understand the difficult time everyone must be facing to ensure we all get through this challenging period. That’s why here, at TechVertu, we are offering a Free IT Consultation of up to 30 minutes to all start-ups and small businesses in need of help and advice to go remote, so their employees can work from anywhere with minimal disruption for the company.

We are also creating comprehensive online guides to help everyone using collaborative remote work tools such as Microsoft Teams – this one, with step by step instructions and video tutorials, can already be found on our website : www.techvertu.co.uk/microsoft-teams

If you’re a small business owner and you need support to have your staff working from home, make sure you call our Consultation Helpline – 020 3855 4548.

As an IT Support company, during this period, we are also offering special prices for larger organisations so every company can, quickly and easily, implement the infrastructure and processes needed to go remote. Contact us or visit our website on techvertu.co.uk for more information.

Please note that our office in Essex is not receiving visitors until further notice but all our teams are still working remotely, providing full support and assistance.


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