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Make your voice heard on the Lower Thames Crossing

Thurrock Council is urging residents to make sure they take part in
Highways England’s latest public consultation on their Lower Thames
Crossing proposals.

Running from 14 July until 12 August this is the third round of
consultation on plans to build a major highway through Thurrock as part
of a proposed new Thames river crossing.

The consultation follows design refinements made as a result of previous
consultation feedback and ongoing scheme development work which takes
technical constraints into account. The proposed changes include:

   * minor refinements to elements of the highways design
   * updated paths for walkers, cyclists and horse riders
   * proposals for redirecting and upgrading utilities
   * more detailed landscaping proposals
   * further developed ecological mitigation measures

Leader of Thurrock Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, said: “It is vital that
residents make their voice heard in this latest consultation. Previous
responses have already twice led to Highways England re-evaluating their
plans but we believe these changes do not go far enough to mitigate the
harm these proposals will do to our borough and its residents.

“I had asked Highways England to delay this consultation until it
could be more accessible but they have decided to press ahead despite
these difficulties. I urge residents to go online and make their voice
heard in this latest round of consultation.

“Thurrock Council remains unanimous in its opposition to these
proposals and we will robustly defend our position with Highways
England. We have earmarked ongoing financial resources to be used for
just this purpose.”

Cllr Mark Coxshall, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said: “Highways
England’s plans involve building a major highway which will create an
unnatural division through the borough. The earlier changes and these
refinements still do not address major concerns we have with proposals
offering no benefits to Thurrock’s residents and businesses.

“We continue to challenge Highways England and we will provide
constructive feedback on their latest proposals.”

Cllr Gerard Rice, Chair of Thurrock Council’s Lower Thames Crossing
Taskforce said: “This latest consultation is another opportunity for
residents and businesses to let Highways England know what we think of
their proposals.

“Previous responses have played a part in forcing two rounds of
changes and refinements to plans so it’s important that we all make
our voices heard here.

“These plans offer no benefits to Thurrock and your council stands
united in its opposition to them. I urge everyone to log on, learn about
the latest plans and make sure their feedback is heard loud and

Highways England have made online and telephone resources available to residents to gain more information about the proposals, and to give their feedback. Find out more about the plans and the consultation at:

A further round of consultations is likely to take place before the
submission of final plans at the end of September.


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