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Hassenbrook School celebrate “phenomenal” rise in standards

HASSENBROOK School pupils are celebrating their phenomenal results today following another rise in standards from the year before.

Undeterred by the difficult year many students have gone through, all staff members are extremely proud of all the Year 11 leaving class and their hard work. Many of the children will be going onto higher education in 6th form or college.

Preliminary results show the school’s greater successes this year in maths and English:

59% of students achieved a Grade 5+ in English
61% of students achieved a Grade 5+ in maths
Almost 50% of students achieved English and maths combined Grade 5+
Nearly a quarter of students achieved a grade 7 or higher in maths

Joanne Williams, headteacher of Hassenbrook School, said: “I am delighted for the students, we are all so proud of them. This was always going to be our best year for exam results, and our students have not disappointed. In spite of all the turmoil and challenge of the past six months, they have absolutely smashed it. I want to thank our fantastic staff for all they have achieved. Parents have been crucial to Hassenbrook’s success this year and we owe them much of today’s joy.”

Ben Williamson, Head of Year 11, said: ”As Head of Year 11 at Hassenbrook, I’m extremely proud of all our students. It’s been a difficult year with the unknown of COVID19, but all the students have stayed resilient and worked incredibly hard over the last 5 years and I’m so proud to see the students finally getting the outcomes they deserve despite this crisis. Well done and congratulations.”

All the staff are incredibly proud at the work the student body has put in during the year, and would like to highlight some individuals that have really excelled in their studies:

Adrian Joshua Carlosoma, 16 from Stanford-le-Hope, received 3 Grade 9’s, 3 Grade 8’s, 1 Grade 7, 1 Grade 6, 1 Grade 5. He was most proud of his distinction in art and his 9 in maths and English. He is going to Gable Hall 6th Form and would advise younger students to put in as much effort as you can. He said: “The school and the staff are there to help you and it’s what you make of it.”

Mia Jones, 16 from Chadwell St Mary, received 2 Grade 9’s, 2 Grade 8’s, 3 Grade 7’s, 1 Grade 6. She received the grades she needed to go to Harris Academy to study English Literature, Spanish and Psychology. She plans to be a psychologist in the future to “help people”.

Mia credits the staff with helping her achieve a 9 in maths after having a year out from school. She said: “I wasn’t expected to pass maths, my teachers really pushed me to get the grades that I wanted, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.”

Anca Nencru, 16 from Grays, received 2 Grade 9’s, 2 Grade 7’s, 3 Grade 6’s, 2 Grade 5’s and a 5.5 in Music. She was very proud of her 9 in French. Anca thanks the school for helping her achieve her goals by offering a lot of interventions. She is going to college to study English and would like to be a lawyer in the future.

Ellie Mae Ibbetson was very proud to achieve a 2D* in her GCSE’s today. Ellie struggled with English Literature, but thanks the staff for supporting her with interventions at lunch and after school, helping her to gain a Grade 6 in the subject. Ellie is heading off to Southend College in September to study health and medical care and is passionate about a career in midwifery.

She said: “When I joined in Year 7, I had very low self-esteem. The school put me in one of the top sets and helped me to boost my confidence.”

Ryan Harrison, 16 from Grays, was delighted to receive a Distinction* in Music, 1 Grade 9, 1 Grade 8 and 4 Grade 7’s. Ryan found that interventions with teachers in different subjects helped him to achieve the grades he received today. Ryan is planning to go to college and once he’s 18, he aspires to begin a career in the police force.

He said: “The staff at Hassenbrook were constantly supporting me and putting me on the right path so that I could get the highest grade I could. Even though I only received a high merit for my first unit, they encouraged me to aim higher with manageable tasks and offering interventions when I needed them.”

Dr Sophina Asong, CEO of Ortu, was very proud to hear that the students at Hassenbrook School had achieved amazing results this year that can take them further into their higher education, studying subjects they are truly passionate about.

She said: “I am very keen for our students to secure their Sixth Form places. Any child that is struggling to find a place at college to contact Mr. Andrew Scott or Ms. Sue Weston regarding Ortu Sixth Form.” They can be contacted through


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